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  1. Martin Wiesiolek

    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    Hi, out of the blue my parking brake won't engage. The only thing I had recently done to my vehicle was mounting of new tires. Any ideas where I should start? Go to a mechanic? I'll be grateful for your insights.
  2. Martin Wiesiolek

    Your thoughts on these LR4 rims/wheels?

    I'd appreciate your opinion on the Discovery 4/3 HSE 6 Spoke 19″ Gloss Black Alloy Wheel that you can see at A set of those is available for sale from a private user near me at a really good price...
  3. Martin Wiesiolek

    Hitch lock removed and now what?

    I lost a key to the hitch receiver lock and since I just took my LR for service, I asked the mechanic to remove just the lock. Take a look at the pics: did the shop remove too much? I bought a replacement key but the whole thing that the key is supposed to go into seems to be gone, too. I'd...

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