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  1. First_Disco

    1995 LR Discovery FOR SALE

    1995 Disco- $1,500. Runs good. Needs new Head Gaskets as a compression test indicated mine a slowly leaking. I'm moving over seas and don't have the money to spend on the fix. New: plugs cap rotor wires alternator water pump it has jumps seats, duel sunroofs, leather, automatic, 130,000...
  2. First_Disco

    Here Came The Snow, There Went The Lights

    Hey Guys- Very Funny Thing Happen Just Last Night. I Was Working Late And We Finally Got The Snow The Mountain Needed. Not Much But A Start. 16 Inches. We Anyways, Im Outside Warming Up The Rig And Noticed That My Left Side Lights Are Not Working. Head Lampa And Turn Signals Work, But All The...
  3. First_Disco

    I should have consulted the forum members first....HELP

    Hello All- 95 Disco- 123,000 miles- Well I was on the forum the other night and was reading up on coolent. I read a few post on the dreaded "sqoushing" sound. So, I went out to get some coolent. Well, I bought the "green stuff" 50/50 mix and now I have major problems. Leaks coming from...
  4. First_Disco

    Ecu Shuts Dowm Cylinder

    I recently took my disco 1 123,000 to the mech. he noticed that one of the cylinders wasn't working. we replaced plugs, wires, cap, question is this. Would the ecu actually quit using one of the cylinders (shut it down) if the wires were bad. once we replaced them all we ran the test...
  5. First_Disco

    Sunroof Sticking

    Both front and back sunroofs on my 95 disco seem to get stuck when opening. It seems that they try to go back before going up and hit the roof itself. If i apply light pressure up while opening they do just fine....very strange. I used some grease and it helped them slide better...obviously. But...
  6. First_Disco

    95 Disco

    I have a few questions. I bought this used 95 Disco. As it turns out the truck is in pretty good shape. I have not had any major problem.... so far (fingers crossed)! I just have a few things I would like some help on as far as maintenance. 1 I need to change all fluids, so if someone could...
  7. First_Disco

    95 Disco..Minor Repairs..I hope???

    HI All- I have a 95 Disco I that i recently bought. Couple things, The truck putts along until about 60 mph. THen it's fine! I changed the plugs but thats it. Any recs would be helpful. Also, trans. shift hard into reverse and drive...may need flush and new fluid? I don't have my maintenece...

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