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  1. TrinidadLR4

    A/C Question After Engine Replacement

    So the engine got replaced in January due to seizing and until now, I never needed to use the A/C. Looks like it's blowing warm/lukewarm air on LO. I'm assuming that something happened during that major surgery and it is now low on freon(or empty). Any decent a/c shop should be able to test for...
  2. TrinidadLR4

    Washington, DC - Lots of 5.0 V8 engine parts

    My 2013 LR4 had an engine transplant done and some parts off of the old engine are up for grabs. Engine had 115k. A sample of what I have. Prices listed or make me an offer: 2 high pressure fuel pumps(original) ($40 each, 70 for both). Oil pump: $50 4 knock sensors: 10 each for 30 for all of...
  3. TrinidadLR4

    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    So after almost 1.5 excruciating months without my truck, I finally am back in business. Ended up buying a used engine on Ebay and found a local shop who has done these swaps in the past(and does a fair number of them per year, unfortunately). Recap below for anyone who missed the initial...
  4. TrinidadLR4

    part numbers - updated crossover pipes?

    An update to my saga - I have secured a used engine out of a wrecked 2013 and a shop is going to put it in for me. It won't be cheap, but still less expensive than getting something else with its own unknowns. While the engine is out, I am going to do some preventative things. Namely -...
  5. TrinidadLR4

    Extended Warranty

    So since my 2013 bit the dust, I am shopping for another one but looking to supplement it with an extended warranty this time, to prevent future unpleasantries with engines seizing, etc. What are the best options out there for a 2012-2013, assuming I can even get coverage for something that old...
  6. TrinidadLR4

    Lost power, died, now won't crank. Any ideas?

    Had my first outright failure today, coming home from WV. Truck is a 2013 with 117k. Starting gradually losing power at 65-70. After less than a minute, it shut off completely while driving. CEL and battery light. Coasted to a stop and tried to restart. Won't even crank. Weird terrain selection...
  7. TrinidadLR4

    Stiff brake pedal when cold

    Lately after the weather has gotten colder, have been experiencing a very hard/stiff brake pedal when first starting car. So much so that sometimes have to mash the pedal extra hard for the car to successfully start. Once started, pedal is normal. Thinking about bleeding the system but apart...
  8. TrinidadLR4

    Brief engine clatter after a long trip - if not chains, what is it?

    Just got back from a 2.5hr trip which included all highway driving and one high power, high speed uphill run. Approaching the garage, noticed the engine is clattering. and clattering significantly. A rhythmic loud ticking, rev-dependent - sounds a LOT like failing rod bearings on a v8 BMW(ask me...
  9. TrinidadLR4

    Brembo Brake Upgrade - 2013 LR4

    I have been dealing with bad braking vibrations from the front of my 2013, which I traced to cheap rotors that have gotten uneven deposits on them. On a recent trip to NH, one of the rear caliper pins decided to start dragging and ended up wearing one of the rear pads to the metal, where it...
  10. TrinidadLR4

    FS: 2013 LR4 Front Bumper Cover - Nara Bronze - $40

    If anyone needs a front bumper cover for a 2010-2013 LR4, mine is available for cheap(I upgraded to an ARB bumper). Nara Bronze, great shape. Transfer your parking sensors and foglights and you are good to go! In DC area, pickup only.
  11. TrinidadLR4

    Transfer Case Clutch - Calibration with IID

    Hey all, I posted this on the IID facebook forum but was told to go read the manual. Has anyone performed the transfer case clutch calibration procedure with their IID tool? Any effects? Is there reason to do it as the clutches inside wear(in theory)? This is on a 2013 LR4. Thanks!
  12. TrinidadLR4

    ARB Deluxe Bumper Installed - 2013 LR4

    So I finally decided to get an ARB front bumper for my 2013. Just my luck though - it turns out, ARB is having some supply chain issues(Covid related, apparently) and there are no Summit(3432220) bumpers available in the whole country, with the lead time being at least 3, if not 6 months. Summit...
  13. TrinidadLR4

    ARB Summit Bar - 2013 LR4

    I am close to pulling the trigger on an ARB Summit front bumper for my 2013 LR4 and had a couple questions for people who already have one. I know it's listed for 14-16 LR4s but I know it works on 10-13 models as well, and I've seen it on a 13 in person. I will not be installing a winch on it...
  14. TrinidadLR4

    Front Wheel Bearings - Question

    A question to those of you who have replaced your front wheel bearings. I replaced mine a couple of months ago as preventative maintenance/100k thing, especially since I had a new pair laying around that I got from the UK(Optimal bearings from Germany with some long warranty, etc). When wrapping...
  15. TrinidadLR4

    High Pitched Squeal

    Have been having this maddening problem that hoping someone can shed some light on. On the highway, 65mph or above, whenever I go under a bridge overpass, I hear a very high pitched squeal. Can't hear anything otherwise, checked all pulleys and poked around the engine - nothing is loose or...
  16. TrinidadLR4

    2013 LR4 - Transmission Sonnax Zip Kit Completed - The Results

    Greetings all, Over the past week, I had the zip kit transmission service done to my 2013 LR4(95.2k miles) with the ZF 6HP28 transmission and wanted to share the experience and details. I was inspired by @Fuji4 and his experiences with it, although his was done on the later 8sp trans that came...
  17. TrinidadLR4

    2013 Navigation - Get rid of Legal BS screen

    On a 2013, is it possible to get rid of the stupid legal idiot screen that comes up every time you start the car and try to use navigation for the first time? The one that has the accept button. I thought the IID could do it but I haven't found it. For reasons I can't quite comprehend, it drives...
  18. TrinidadLR4

    Sonnax Zip Kit Question - 2013 LR4

    So I am going to do a trans fluid and filter change again(the first time we messed up the pan install and it's been seeping, the gasket didn't seal properly). This time, I am also dropping the mechatronic unit and doing the bridge seal and the 4 tube seals behind it. Then, figure I'll do the...
  19. TrinidadLR4

    IID Gap - Messing Around with Ride Heights!

    For those of you who have a GAP tool and have not explored adding different ride height modes - do it! I set a highway mode to drop the height to -15mm for my trips out to WV. On twisty mountain roads, the handling is a lot better plus the truck feels great. While you can't really disguise the...
  20. TrinidadLR4

    Front Half Shafts - Replacement Time

    I had the front end in the air today and was wiggling things around, trying to pin down a weird click/clunk when stabbing the brakes at 15mph, a clunk that has persisted despite new LCAs, new sway bar links/bushings and new Arnott struts. Lo and behold, both of my front half shafts are loose...
  21. TrinidadLR4

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    In all the cars i've owned, there has been a fuel filter downstream of the in-tank fuel pump and has been a replacement item every 60-70k or so. This is my first DI vehicle and I know the fuel pump system is different, with high pressure pumps at the front, and an electric pump in the trunk(i...
  22. TrinidadLR4

    Mattress Pad in the back - Recommendations?

    For those of you who sleep in the back of the LR4 when camping, etc - any recommendations for a mattress/sleeping pad that fits well in that space? Looking for something simple and portable, nothing fancy. Let me know if anyone has any specific recommendations and thanks!
  23. TrinidadLR4

    Replacing Front Strut Assemblies

    This weekend, I am going to attempt to replace my front air spring/strut assemblies with Arnott 2809s. My fronts are super soft and floaty, which is starting to get a bit scary. Looking at the videos, is it as simple as it seems? Disconnect battery, remove wheel, disconnect some harness from...
  24. TrinidadLR4

    My LR4 - Musings on Long Road Trips

    So I am going on year 2 of owning my 2013 LR4. It has been a great experience for me, with very few(if any) reliability issues. I do 5k oil changes, did the LCAs, trans fluid+pan, both coolant crossover pipes+water pump(pre-emptively) and replaced the battery(also pre-emptively). Otherwise, it...
  25. TrinidadLR4

    Brake noise question

    About two months ago, I replaced my front rotors and pads, as well as rear pads. Ended up using pagid rotors and brembo pads for the front and I bedded them in after install. Recently I've started getting an ugly groaning/squealing noise at really low speeds, right before coming to a complete...

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