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  1. gsxr

    LR4 vacuum pump replacement info

    After multiple failed attempts to externally seal the old pump on my 2010 LR4 (125kmi), I gave up and replaced it with the new style pump. The first re-seal attempt was at 121kmi, I applied replaced the gasket/seal to the block (it was fine), and applied a bead of sealant around the edge of the...
  2. gsxr

    Air compressor temperature - what is normal?

    For those of you with a GAP IID tool, have you ever watched the live values for the air compressor (gallery pressure, compressor temperature, and motor temperature) as the compressor runs after starting the engine? Or, after lowering to access height and then raising to off-road height? My...
  3. gsxr

    Engine oil analysis results on 2010 LR4 V8

    I haven't seen many (any?) people posting oil analysis results, and I'm guessing not many owners bother. Given the timing chain issues with the Jaguar AJ133 V8 engine in the 2010-2013 LR4, and the ongoing debate about appropriate oil ratings/certification, I was curious how the dealer oil was...
  4. gsxr

    Reflashing IPC ECU with GAP IIDTool ?

    My GAP IID shows new software available for the instrument cluster (IPC), for Strategy and Calibration. Screenshot attached. However, when I run the "Reflash ECU" function, these items never update. I tried twice with the same results. Am I missing something? Do I have to download the updates...
  5. gsxr

    Will 2003-2005 RR wheels fit on LR4?

    As a new LR4 owner, I'm looking for an extra set of wheels for snow tires. I'm also trying to keep the cost reasonable, and haven't seen many sets of LR4 wheels for sale at tolerable prices - I don't really want to pay $1k for wheels and another $1k for snows. I've found quite a few 2003-2005...

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