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  1. Fuji4

    Door lock actuator

    My passenger door lock stopped locking. You could open from exterior but it would set off the alarm. The actuator sounded like it was working but I remembered the rear hatch actuator still made the noise when it was failing. Anyway I ordered a new actuator and lock latch to actuator cable and...
  2. Fuji4

    Cruise control error- park/neutral switch error

    FYI we finally figured out what was causing the CC error /park/neutral switch error. It was a leaking mechatronic sleeve. It had leaked oil onto the plug. This caused the park neutral error which interrupted the CC circuit. Unfortunately we have to change the fluid at 55k miles to put in a new...
  3. Fuji4

    Continental terraincontact AT tire wear

    Had these for two years and 30k and they are done. Disappointing wear for a 60k mile rated tire. My Duratracs lasted over 50k, albeit with more road noise towards the end. Maybe Conti will give me some money under their warranty.
  4. Fuji4

    Replacing TCS intermittent cruise control issues park code

    I have had the P0850-00 code and a shifter that stays in the elevated position for while. Cruise control has not worked properly in a while. I was able to put the car in N, clear the codes, put in parking brake, turn off the car, turn it back on and drive off and be able to use cruise control...
  5. Fuji4

    02 sensors out and park neutral switch

    Bank 1, sensor 3 and bank 1 sensor 1 are throwing codes. And the park input circuit algorithm based failure code came up. Bought a total O2 sensor kit from AB ($$) and I’ll just replace them all. Then for the park sensor, has anyone had this issue? We will check the wiring harness and...
  6. Fuji4

    Spark plug replacement - denso iridium performance

    Replaced the plugs at 98k miles. I swear it’s smoother and stronger accelerating. By like 10%. Am I crazy? Didn’t think it would do anything.
  7. Fuji4

    FYI fan relay went bad at 98k

    AC started blowing warm at stops. Thought it was the fan clutch. Turned out it was just the relay. Put the new fan in anyway. But check the relay because it didn’t throw any codes!
  8. Fuji4

    lower control arm hardware kits from Atlantic british

    I have two ML172 kits from AB. Didn't end up using either one when doing the LCA poly bushings. Any one interested? Ill do $30 plus shipping to you.
  9. Fuji4

    Defender 130 an LR4 replacement? hmmm. I could be tempted by that
  10. Fuji4

    Hd package / rear locker how to tell?

    Not saying that I am getting out of my lr4, but supposing I was browsing discovery 5s, is there any way to tell if a HSE Lux has the rear locker from the center console? If i see the terrain response rock crawl mode or something? I made sure to order the HD package on my lr4, but in browsing...
  11. Fuji4

    93K miles update - poly bushings, Trans Pan Bracket, another exhaust leak etc.

    Just wanted to throw out there what i had done at 93k miles. Trans pan bracket - i thought the noise i was hearing (metal vibration) might be that, took a chance, and IT WAS! bracket had a hairline crack as per the TSB. Thought i might need to do some bushings AGAIN...( first set at 45k)...
  12. Fuji4

    Lr4 cruiser or lc4? LR take notes

    Well of course it is way early to say for sure but check out this image of what the new land cruiser might look like. came from An analysis of upcoming Toyotas. Boy it looks like a great cross between the lr4 and cruiser. And he (and other videos tundra related) are talking about v6 turbo...
  13. Fuji4

    Supercharger couple video

    For those interested in the noise of the broken isolator samcrac just did a video on buying a dirt cheap Jaguar v8 sc because of an “engine knock” which is the same idea as the v6sc by Eton that we have. Starts about minute 5.
  14. Fuji4

    Startup ticking noise - exhaust leak or lifters?

    It’s a right of passage to hear this noise isn’t it? it happens on cold starts. Goes away after it heats up. And I also have a clicking/wheezing sound under load when accelerating. Well on just hearing it my Indy thinks it’s noisy lifters at start And an exhaust leak. It goes in on in two...
  15. Fuji4

    Rhino / ox hitch option

    Got this today. Two reasons. One is that it mounts the hitch higher so you don’t drag the quick release through the dirt or rocks when rowing at angles ( my steep driveway does not accommodate a hitch mount bike rack down low and my off-road camping trailer hitch does hit the dirt when...
  16. Fuji4

    FS - Urban Offroad Full prerunner Rack for LR4 (maybe lr3)

    I have not been using this rack much these days after getting a camping trailer and using my Thule Box for skiing. It has a full width LED Light bar across it. Extremely Bright. Will easily support a rooftop tent. See pics for that setup. It also comes with an Awning on circular mounts on...
  17. Fuji4

    Cruise control unavailable?

    Got that warning on my long trip this weekend. Only thing I did recently was replace the main battery and install fuse taps for the dash cam. I looked at the fuses that make sense to check (although none of the pictures on the fuse diagrams really look like cruise control so I am not sure) and...
  18. Fuji4

    Stop start battery failure cause?

    Now keeping in mind that I have disabled the stop start feature permanently I find it odd that the stop start battery is totally dead. It was replaced at 45k miles or so by the dealer. I was thinking about using the aux battery to power my BlackVue dash cam in parking mode but then found out it...
  19. Fuji4

    Brass coolant bleed screws.

    I put these in today. Got them on eBay. For 2010-2016 Land Rover LR4 Coolant Bleed Screw 54711BB 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Brass Good fit.
  20. Fuji4

    Oil catch can needed on a SCV6?

    I don’t think this has been addressed recently about the scv6 so I thought I would bring it up. I don’t think the engine has port injectors, right? So does anyone have any experience with the scv6 with regard to intake valve coking ? Ever taken a look with a scope? thoughts on catch can...
  21. Fuji4

    Change the Supercharger OIL in SCV6?

    Well, this comes out of my other S/C thread, but i think it is apropos in its own thread. Superchargers online says this about the eaton S/C we have "How often should I change the oil? You could consider changing the oil at regular intervals such as 20k, 30k, 50k, or 100k miles depending on...
  22. Fuji4

    Supercharger Rattle?

    Did the PCV valve today and we were noticing a rattling sound coming from the supercharger. Can't recall if that is always been there but my mechanic said it sounded a little loose or something. is this a known issue? are there bearings that go bad in there? What should I do about it? Not...
  23. Fuji4

    2014 lr4 sonnax zip kit transmission service 75k

    Well it was time to do my pan and filter and I thought since I have had some harsher shifting and downshift clunk happening for some time (diff fluid solved it temporarily but it returned) I might as well fix what I can while it is open. I bought the sonnax zip kit for the zf8hp70. And the pan...
  24. Fuji4

    2014 LR4 tailgate would not open

    Yeah, i know there are some LR3/4 threads on this, but i solved mine a little differently. My actuator was firing, but the tailgate (glass top) would not open. I went through the "open up the carpet panel while inside the truck" solution, then popped the gate down and pulled the actuator. It...
  25. Fuji4

    Clunk when accelerating from roll - solved

    quick post to give my experience on the clunk while accelerating from a slow roll. Like when releasing brakes on a slight downhill and then hitting the gas. Also a slight chattering when accelerating through a corner when the inside wheel is unweighted. I thought this aspect may be another LCA...

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