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  1. Finlayforprez

    Tail Lamp Housing Separated

    Hello Everyone, I was applying Laminix vinyl protectant to my tail lamps and discovered that my driver-side tail lamp has come apart a bit. It seems as though the glue came undone and it separated where the clear plastic light cover is factory heat glued to the plastic frame (the lip). I...
  2. Finlayforprez

    Sheepskin Seat Covers?

    Hi there, It's been a while since I posted anything, but has anyone ever had experience with sheepskin covers like below: I wonder if they allow the leather to breathe? Any issues with damage? I sat in a vehicle recently with the seat covers and they...
  3. Finlayforprez

    Removing Full-Length Roof Rails

    Hello Everyone, I have the black design package on my 2013 LR4 and was wondering if I removed the full-length roof rails would I need the rubber trim to cover up the tracks? I am asking because I may actually be switching roof racks (will talk about that later) and may want to remove the...
  4. Finlayforprez

    OEM Winch Mount and WARN Winch for Sale

    Hello Everyone, A friend of mine in Southern CA asked if I would post a new OEM winch mount and WARN winch that he bought, but has now decided not to install on his LR4. As you may know, this winch amount alone at the dealership can run over $4,000, so this is a pretty good deal. Here is...
  5. Finlayforprez

    Friend of Mine Selling his 2013 LR4

    Hi Everyone, A friend of mine in San Carlos, CA (near the SF Bay area) is selling his 2013 LR4 HSE Lux with heavy duty package. It is Fuji White with the black design package. I have seen this LR4 a few times and it's in great condition. I am not involved with the sale, but he asked me if I...
  6. Finlayforprez

    Installed ARB Front Bumper (More To Come...)

    Hello Everyone, I will write up more later and hopefully snap a few additional photos, but wanted to provide a photo of the finished product. We also got very creative with the off road lighting switch - such a clean place for the switch. I am going to write up a more detailed post, but...
  7. Finlayforprez

    Has Anyone Disabled Front Parking Sensors?

    Hello Everyone, I am considering disabling my front parking sensors (with my GAP IIDTool) tomorrow when I install my new ARB front bumper/winch on my 2013 LR4. Has anyone disabled their front parking sensors with the GAP IIDTool? Specifically, in 2012+ models, what happens to the screen...
  8. Finlayforprez

    Dashboard/Surround Cameras

    Hello Everyone, I know we have discussed dashboard cameras a few times, but the owner of my building (in CA) owns a dashboard camera company (with a supplier in Korea I believe) and I was chatting with him the other day about options and he is giving me one of his PH2 units that include a...
  9. Finlayforprez

    Fan Belt?

    Air Filter? I erased my question on the fan belt - thanks Disco Mike and I answered it myself. Since I sometimes go off roading in very dusty terrain, is there a recommendation for cleaning the air filter or perhaps changing it more often than required? I am looking for a previous post...
  10. Finlayforprez

    Steam Cleaning of Engine / Undercarriage?

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking of having my engine bay and undercarriage steam cleaned and was wondering if anyone has had it done by a professional? Any issues? I am most nervous about the engine bay, but I think I am going to do the undercarriage before I install my new sliders/skids...
  11. Finlayforprez

    Discovery XXV Special Edition

    Anyone else see this article? It looks nice, but am I reading the price correctly??? 63,000 british pounds, isn't that about 105,000 USD??? Holy crap. I wonder if this will come to the states and if anyone would actually buy it.
  12. Finlayforprez

    Advice on Installing Offroad Lights on Roof Rack

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to install 4 Rigid Dually spot lights on the front of my roof rack and 2 Rigid Dually flood lights on the back of my roof rack (there are already mounting tabs). I have the lights, mounting hardware, and wiring harnesses, but I am trying to figure out the best...
  13. Finlayforprez

    ARB Front Bumper for LR4

    Hello Everyone, I know a couple of you have the Tactical Rovers front bumper, but is there anyone who has the ARB front bumper on their LR4? Thanks, David
  14. Finlayforprez

    Baby Discovery

    Did you guys see the spy photos of the "baby Discovery"? And so it continues.
  15. Finlayforprez

    18" Compomotive with BFG A/T KO

    Hello Everyone, Today I had my 18" Compomotive wheels and BFG A/T KO (265/65R18) tires installed and they look great. See the photos below. I am a little annoyed because my independent Land Rover garage could not seem to use my old TPMS, so I opted to just forget them and use a regular...
  16. Finlayforprez

    Issue Engaging Low Gear on 2008 RR

    Hello Everyone, I have an LR4, but a friend of mine just had an issue engaging low range gear (after about 4 years of never using it) on his 2008 Range Rover. I was hoping someone would have an idea about what happened? Do you think it's a sensor issue or perhaps the gears are stuck? He...
  17. Finlayforprez

    Confirm 2013 TPMS & Advice Needed

    Confirm 2013 TPMS & Spare Tire Advice Needed Hello Everyone, So, my five (5) 18" Compomotive wheels (satin black) arrived at my local independent Land Rover garage, and upon close inspection, a big chip was found in one of the wheels. Ugh! :mad: I e-mailed Barry at Compomotive a photo of...
  18. Finlayforprez

    Off Roading Photos...

    I went to Hollister Hills SVRA in Hollister, CA today to do a little off roading with the Northern CA Land Rover club. Here are some photos:
  19. Finlayforprez


    Hello Everyone, It seems that when I use my rear 12V power outlet (in the back cargo area) with my portable air compressor, it blows a fuse. This also happened on my 2011 as well. I need to buy some spare fuses, but any suggestions? Everything is fine if I use the front 12V power outlet...
  20. Finlayforprez

    Off Road Pictures

    Hello Everyone, The Northern CA Land Rover club had their monthly gathering at Hollister Hills SVRA and I brought along my new LR4. It was beautiful weather and lots of fun. Here are a few photos/videos:
  21. Finlayforprez

    A Few New Accessories...

    Hey Everyone, I made the trip to Urban Offroad (Oakhurst, CA) on Saturday to get my roof rack, ladder, and sill guards/sliders with outriggers installed. Derek did a great job on everything and I am impressed with the quality, look, and his service. I highly recommend his products. There are...
  22. Finlayforprez

    Rear Camera and Rear/Front Sensor Question

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if my 2013 is acting up or if this is normal operation. When I put the vehicle in reverse, the rear view camera comes on, but there is no initial beep and the radio stays on. It is only when you come close to something that the music stops and you hear the...
  23. Finlayforprez

    Cleaning Black Door Trim

    Hello everyone, I know this is a bit of an OCD question, but I am wondering what you all use to get finger prints off of the outside black window trim. I don't typically close the doors by touching that trim, but there were a few giant smudges and finger prints from the dealership. I used a...
  24. Finlayforprez

    Front Headlamp Covers - Free

    Hello Everyone, The headlamp covers are claimed. Thanks! -David
  25. Finlayforprez

    Questions About the 2013

    Hey everyone, I know the 2013 model did not come standard with the rear cargo cover (the one that locks and slides to cover 3/4 of the cargo area). Could someone with a 2013 model tell me if the 2013 is set up with the grooves to accomodate the cover? I am asking because I am likely going to...

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