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    P0501-81 Erratic transmission

    I’m wondering where to start troubleshooting here. The rover will move forward and backward but as soon as you give it a little bit of throttle, it kicks out of gear and you can hear the transmission spinning. It’s as if it’s lost. Then when you put it in park, it makes a grinding noise as if...
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    Transmission Fault after front strut replacement.

    So this one has me stumped. I had a leaking front air strut. I ordered both front struts. After installing struts I went for a drive and found that one of the new struts caused a vehicle dynamics fault. (It was later determined to be a faulty strut.) I did a bonehead move and cleared the fault...
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    Misfire after timing chain job 5.0

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. I’ve been searching around for hours, and haven’t found a solution. So here goes. About a month ago I got camshaft correlation codes on bank 2 for the intake and exhaust cams. I found a failed tensioner on the drivers side. I replaced the guides, tensioners...

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