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  1. scott schmerge

    Control Arms or Warped Rotors?

    I replaced my bushings without taking the control arm off (even left the wheel on...) Jacked up the truck, removed only the camber bolts (note position for refit so that your alignment isn’t wack) and control arm where it connects to frame. Drilled out the bushing rubber and then used a saws all...
  2. scott schmerge


    See ya buddy! Happy trails to you.
  3. scott schmerge

    OEM hitch receiver, or aftermarket?

    because the trailer is on a lock and roll hitch, not a ball mount. Special setup for over landing. If the trailer or truck roll, the other doesn’t go with it.
  4. scott schmerge

    OEM hitch receiver, or aftermarket?

    I’ll sell you mine...I’m about to move to the rhino hitch. I’ve never had an issue with my lr hitch while off-roading, and have done Uwharrie several times with it on. My reason for converting is I need a hitch that is about 2” higher for a overland trailer I pull.
  5. scott schmerge

    2010 LR4 V8 Electrical Problems (Big Surprise)

    Most likely a bad ground or loose connection is the first place to start. Then check the battery, then alternator. if you get misfire, it could be unrelated but not 100%. These trucks do some really wonky things when they get voltages they don’t like. your coolant leak is likely one of three...
  6. scott schmerge

    Does your date move to european format in its own?

    Could be a loose connection at the terminals or grounds. These things don’t like unexpected fluctuations. I agree that it’s voltage related. Battery checks out, charging checks out, I’d go to grounds or battery connections. I have had bad battery or bad connections cause date/time to do funny...
  7. scott schmerge

    RPM Needle Flickering

    I had the same thing this fall. Assumed it was an led failing...I left it alone and it “fixed” itself (now it is lit up and no longer flickers). Gotta say, it’s probably the first and last time the old girl will self heal, but here’s to hoping yours does the same.
  8. scott schmerge

    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    If you choose to part it out, let me know. I’m looking for a couple of interior trim items. (Drivers door panel and passenger door panel) if you have tan interior. Also, drivers seat armrest- mine is looking tired. Lastly need the latch that holds the rear seats down. Looks like a fun project-...
  9. scott schmerge

    I did a thing

    holding up great. No issues, shorts, or challenges with any of the installation or durability. It’s still early to tell, but so far, so good
  10. scott schmerge

    Bovee 1000 Bluetooth Adapter

    I have had issues with mine in the past. Bovee support was very helpful. I cannot remember the issue or the fix (it’s been a while). The fix was very quick. It may have been as simple as a unpairing/ re-pairing - but really can’t remember. I do remember thinking the fix couldn’t be that easy...
  11. scott schmerge

    lr4 more problems

    give the throttle body a good cleaning.
  12. scott schmerge

    New noise. Timing chain?

    i believe that’s the fan clutch. I’ve got the same noise. If it’s the timing chain we are both in trouble. My clutch noise stops after about a minute.
  13. scott schmerge

    2016 cost for replacement engine SCV6

    my understanding is the engine is about $10k plus cost of labor. I don’t know book time for the job but would guess it’s at least a 20-30 hour job.
  14. scott schmerge

    Looking for a 19" off road tire.

    100%. Lesson learned. Priority tire sold them and will never buy a tire from them again. They honored the 90 day warranty they had on them by sending another old and defective tire. Discount tire was amazing by helping me return the defective tires to atturo. Atturo was absolutely amazing to...
  15. scott schmerge

    2016 brush guards, rack and ladder - please identify

    Let me know if you want a new front runner rack. I can have it shipped.
  16. scott schmerge

    2011 Disco 4/LR4 catalytic converter fail

    how many miles? That’s not something I’ve heard of folks needing (unless some pos cut them out). Did you have a too rich situation or failed injectors that you drove with? I’d check for a salvage set of cats. It’s a good source I’ve found- wide variety of pricing so sort by price...
  17. scott schmerge

    Looking for a 19" off road tire.

    thats brilliant on discount tire price matching! I bought from that same seller on eBay and they sold me tires from 2014!!!! You dodged a bullet I’ve had three of them fail in a few thousand miles. Atturo has replaced all of them as a result of failure. The new ones have held up great...I’m...
  18. scott schmerge

    Looking for a 19" off road tire.

    they actually are not bad. I’ve got a set. They are louder at slow speeds, but at highway they are actually not terrible. Not bad on sand when aired down. Great on the trail. Look really aggressive.
  19. scott schmerge

    I did a thing

    Got it! Sorry, I thought you were getting 26.6v at the battery... I have not checked what the panel output is to the controller, but now that makes sense.
  20. scott schmerge

    2010 LR4 Engine/Tranny Issues - Should I Fix?

    no joke, I tried everything except penetrating oil. This stuff really did the trick. If you still find you need them pulled, this worked in insane ways.
  21. scott schmerge

    LR4 Transmission Fluid Change: Pan Swap Option

    yes you do! There is a sequence you can find if you search YouTube or google. Same sequence as bmw. Search ZF mechatronic replacement (not sure if you have the 26 or 28). Specific sequence and torque specs.
  22. scott schmerge

    2010 LR4 Engine/Tranny Issues - Should I Fix?

    when I pulled my injectors I had two stuck (used the LR pulling tool). I used a penetrating oil and let it sit a while and they came right out.
  23. scott schmerge

    Diagnosing Vacuum Hose issue

    Depends on how bad your leak is...if it’s just the beginning of a leak, it may idle poorly but not throw a code. If the leak worsens, you’ll get a pending code and then a code. My money is on the diaphragms of the pcv valve. These are items that wear over time, failing at about 75-125k miles...
  24. scott schmerge

    Diagnosing Vacuum Hose issue

    like Michael says, smoke test will reveal leak. My guess is your pcv valves on the back passenger side valve cover. They sit right next to the battery box on top of the valve cover (two circular disk looking things on the V8- I think it’s only one on the v6). You should get a too lean code...
  25. scott schmerge

    2011 LR4 Misfire/rough idle

    fuel pouring into your catalytic converter is no bueno. I’d have it towed.

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