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    2007 L322 Suspension Issues

    Do you get any codes on a reader? It could also be a height sensor.
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    Coolant Leak - Thermostat Housing? Or?

    I would change out your whole thermostat housing, also your belts if you haven’t done them yet. I just did this a couple of years back. I kept losing small amounts of coolant and had dried up coolant in the exact location. I have 194,000 miles currently and still running strong. Knock on wood.
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    Wtb: rhino ox hitch

    Anyone want to sell their rhino ox hitch? Need one for my lr3, will also trade my oem short hitch along with some cash :)
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    LR3 Expedition Rack on an LR4 with Extended Front Rails?

    Hi Reverendalc check out my thread here
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    lower control arm hardware kits from Atlantic british

    I’m interested. Is this $30 for both? Thanks.
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    High Pitched Squeal

    Check your wheels. Possibly a wheel bearing or brake components rubbing.
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    Rear suspension bottoms out on dips

    Mine are all worn out as well. I need to replace them. I could see the rubber bushings splitting. My Lr3 has 190,000 miles.
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    OEM Hitch Receiver Pin doesn't seem to be engaging all the way?

    I’ve heard that the old design hitch style could crack. The new design hitch is much more robust. Haven’t heard about any problems with the new design. Also it’s rated for 7700 lbs and has a 770lb hitch rating. I tow a 1972 airstream with my LR3 using the stubby hitch receiver and haven’t had...
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    Snorkel choice LR3

    Totally agree, used mainly for air flow.
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    LR3 Expedition Rack on an LR4 with Extended Front Rails?

    I have an oem expo rack on my lr3 and love it. I would get a thick piece of aluminum and lay it down over the floor, also get a extra cross bar from a disco 2 rack or p38, it’ll fit. Also I do believe the extended rails would work if you don’t use the front 2 legs, my rack didn’t come with them...
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    Ladder ? for LR3 (but prob same for any Rover)

    I found the perfect solution for your needs. Here you go...
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    Ladder ? for LR3 (but prob same for any Rover)

    Get a step tool which goes over your tire.
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    Latest recommendations for front bumpers?

    That’s a bumper from britpart only for the Lr3 with winch mount. See link.
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    Dashboard Cracks - Repaired

    Those cracks is where the passengers airbag deploys in an accident. Hope the sealant doesn’t get in the way. Insurance problems possibly in case of an accident??
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    Part number for replacement aux in jack? 2006 LR3.

    There are 2 things you can do, 1 remove the piece that’s stuck in the aux jack by using a little crazy glue on a screw, or you can buy another aux jack splice it into the wires that go to the current aux jack and relocate it to the front and just leave the stuck piece in the rear aux jack and...
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    Add some grip tape works great. I would just cut short sections.
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    Lift rods?? Need advice

    Why not get the gap diagnostic tool and just raise your suspension up when off roading or just for a meaner look, and if you don’t like it you could just lower it the 2.5”. Also you’ll have an invaluable tool for other uses for your lr4. All lr3/lr4 owners in my opinion should have this tool. I...
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    LR3 Expedition roof rack information

    I use mine with extra gas, a back light, I also placed a sheet of aluminum on my floor about 2/3 so I wouldn’t block my sunroof and to also help spread the weight load. I also carry my kayak on it, but I did buy a extra crossbar to bridge the space in the middle for extra support. See pic.
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    Plasti-Dipped Wheel Arches and Plastics

    I removed the side vent to plastidip as well.
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    Took me about 2 hrs with plastidip. To each their own. My wheels came out great and still holding up after 3 years.
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    Just use plastidip and do them yourself. I did mine over 3 years ago and they still look great. I used about 5 cans. Cost me under $30 to do all 4 wheels.
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    LR4+Expedition Rack+... skis?

    If you can find Disco 2 or the old rangerover cross bars they fit on the rack and will help bridge the gap.
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    LR4 Hitch Receiver and other parts

    Will the front brake kit fit a lr3? 2006?
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    Lr4 landrover Sump Guard for Sale

    Heres the same sump guard on a LR3 painted black I found online.
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    Lr4 landrover Sump Guard for Sale

    heres another pic of a Lr4 with sump guard winch version. The cut outs for the winch not a nudge bar. And yes you’ll be able to see the 2 slits. Not a big deal for the price :) unless you have a winch.

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