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    Does your date move to european format in its own?

    No change in battery or disconnection whatsoever. It literally changes on its own. ***?
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    latest NAV update version for a 2013?

    what is the latest NAV update version for 2013 model year? best place to get it?
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    auto lock when key is away from the car

    ok so i cld have sworn my 2013 LUX used to lock itself when i walked away from the car with the key. as long as the key was around the car it wld stay unlocked. now when i walk away from the car it wont lock unless i hit the button on the key fob. am i crazy?
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    stainless steel brake lines

    does anyone make these for our LR4s? i've searched with no success.
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    300k mile club

    2011 at my dealer right now...
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    Cost to replace one front strut

    From an independent? Dont have the ability to search so I apologize for the post. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    oil change frequency poll under normal driving conditions

    oil change frequency under normal driving conditions?
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    discovery sport wheels same offset as LR4?

    i'm assuming the answer this is yes as id be shocked if LR made the same rim in different offsets but can someone confirm discovery sport 20s fit an LR4?
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    Nokian WR3

    we got one of the worst storms in a long time here in metro nyc area...combination of fresh snow, sleet, ice, slush and freezing rain. Drove 40 miles for 2.5 hours and the WRs were INCREDIBLE. ive been using WRs and Hakkas on my cars for over 20 years and tonight completely reinforced how...
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    255/55/20 vs 255/50/20

    on later model LR4s it seems the 20 inch oem size is 255/50/20. i found a set of wheels (thanks westporter) that i bought and they have 255/55s on them and these wheels came off an LR4. Did LR deliver cars with both 255/55 and 255/50s in 20?
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    maintenance history since new 2013

    2013 LR delivered October 2013 April 2014 - 6,000 miles (independant) oil change $200 Sept 2014 - 17,756 miles (dealer) 15k mile service $0 March 2015 - 23,435 miles (inde) front and rear pads $1420 Sept 2015 - 30,928 (inde) Oil change $211 August 2016 - 46,425 (dealer) Annual Service $195...
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    WTB these LR4 wheels in near perfect condition

    pls message me if you have a set for sale preferablyi n northeast usa.
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    lower mile 2013 if anyone is looking

    no affiliation
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    Tranny and dif oil changes

    I don't have my owners manual. Can someone tell me what frequency and mileage the tranny and differential oils need to be changed? Sent from my BBB100-3 using Tapatalk
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    Preemptive 80K mile service...

    so the y pipe for sure - what else? thnx
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    weird window and side mirror issues

    so on my 2013 my windows wldnt go uo for a few hours and i cldnt arm the car. randomly later in the day the windows returned to normal. this morning the side mirror lights both illuminated and they wont go off, theyre both on at the same time. are these issues telling me my battery is on its...
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    do you guys use the dealers after the first free service?

    im saying for the basics, brakes, pads, oil etc
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    WTB ultra low mile late model discovery

    in blue or silver with all service records im not able to post in the classified section yet so apologies for putting this here - thnx
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    is it possible to force the nav to a national

    setting? its beyond annoying having to manually switch from NY to CT.
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    what lease rates are you seeing for HSE LUX with msrp

    of approx. 62k? im paying $959 a month for 39 months right now for a car that was 62K msrp and a buyback of 32k. 15k miles a year and I paid $4500 at signing which was mostly reg, taxes, and first month. can I do better on my next one?
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    2 car seats in 3rd row?

    wld like to get a britax marathon and a graco booster back there. wondering if there is enough space to comfortably buckle the booster
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    Is it possible to remove the middle seat

    in the second row to create a captains chair setup like the cadillac has? the idea is to be able to get to the 3rd row withouth having to move the 2 outer seats which will have baby seats in them. thnx

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