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  1. Paul Teague


    Seabassjfr, You are lucky to be alive! This is why we drive these tanks. Incredible to see the damage on the other guy. I hate idiots that run red lights. Its one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road.
  2. Paul Teague

    I’d like to replace fog lights…

    I just changed mine to LED on the yellow color spectrum. They are super bright and all I have to do was plug and play.
  3. Paul Teague

    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    Thank you.
  4. Paul Teague

    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    I haven't heard a timing chain in person. Thank you for the description, it helps my sanity. I have new injectors. I'm not sure what a HPFP is, and I will talk to my mechanic about the fan clutch.
  5. Paul Teague

    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    Yes . Diesel it what it sounds like.
  6. Paul Teague

    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    Possibly>. I hear it more at lower speeds. The engine has plenty of power, so I feel that if it was the chain, that it would have broken by now. I just drove it 500 highway miles without any problems. Just loud when I start it and take off
  7. Paul Teague

    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    I just had a timing chain done by my friend. New tensioners, chain, water pump, injectors, spark plugs, radiator, and starter. It still seems loud, like the chain is slapping. I know he put the new guides on. Any ideas?
  8. Paul Teague

    When is it time to say goodbye?

    Bought my 2013 LR 4 LuX for $28k. It has 130k miles on it. New timing, water pump, starter, injectors, spark plugs, radiator, alternator........... this year was an expensive year. I think I could get $20k for it.
  9. Paul Teague

    Replacement Timing Chain/Tensioner Longevity Question

    I just replaced my tensioners, chain, guides, starter, Radiator, and pulleys. Now when I start Bluetooth or change stations on the Satellite my, tach and speedo freak out. Has anyone had that? I also put in a new battery
  10. Paul Teague

    Possible ‘13 LR4 Purchase (Also posted in Intro)

    Getting my Thermo, Crossovers, and water pump done as I write this. $1,488.21. It started leaking coolant that was noticed after I "rawhided" it as I was going to my friends lakehouse. Mechanic tells me that the coolant temp gage only goes up to half way so its pretty much useless.
  11. Paul Teague

    TOYO AT3 255/55/19

    Sweet Rig! How much were those? I have 19" as well. Got a 4th of July deal last year at Walmart that will never happen again. $110 a piece for Cooper LTZ. I 've had Toyo Open Road's before, but they were not off road. I wasnt even aware. Good to know there is hope yet.
  12. Paul Teague

    TOYO AT3 255/55/19

  13. Paul Teague

    Looking for 20" wheels

    Looking for 20" black Stormer wheels for my 2013 LR4

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