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  1. Preetsarai

    Check Engine, DTC Codes and Diagnostic scanner for LR4

    The dreaded check engine light lit up on my 2010 LR4. After playing around with the hidden diagnostic menu and restarting the vehicle a few times, the check engine light disappeared and hasn’t come back on. the vehicle performance wasn’t hindered in any way when the check engine light was on...
  2. Preetsarai

    This is what happens if you don’t listen to your LR4

  3. Preetsarai

    2010 LR4 - Scraping Noise When Turning

    My 2010 LR4 with 80k miles makes a nasty scraping noise when turning hard RIGHT and backing up. Doesn't happen while turning left or moving forward. See video to hear the sound ... Both front lower control arms were replaced recently. I took the vehicle to an independent LR specialist...

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