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  1. scott schmerge

    I did a thing

    So I pulled the trigger on this...will let you all know how it goes. Just rolled 140k but I’m keeping her for a while. Photos are not my truck. It just shipped.
  2. scott schmerge

    ISO LR3

    Looking for a used LR3 for a friends son. He’s taken a liking to them and it’s better to get them addicted while they are still young. Trying to make a LR ****** out of him. ;-) lower miles is better, but hoping for one that is a bit of a project if it is the right price.
  3. scott schmerge

    P0171 and P0174 banks 1 & 2 too lean

    Hey all, I got a p0171 an p0174 banks 1&2 too lean. I’m guessing vacuum leak. I just changed my oil two days ago. I’ve heard of the o-ring failing on the oil cap (mine was pretty grimy). I’m also suspecting it’s time for new pcv on the valve cover. what’s puzzling me is when I checked...
  4. scott schmerge

    In search of 19” Rim

    Hey all, I’m in search of a 19” rim for my spare tire. As it’s a spare, condition is not that important (as long as it holds air). Anyone have one that they are willing to part with for a very reasonable price? I don’t necessarily need a tire on it or TPMS. I’m in NC and willing to drive to...
  5. scott schmerge

    Transmission swap

    Anyone do a transmission swap on their LR4 yet? I’m building courage to do it myself. I’m done throwing parts at this thing and found a used low mileage trans for a good price. If you’ve done one, any advice, things to watch out for? I’m rather capable, just have never done a transmission...
  6. scott schmerge

    Transmission valve body

    Has anyone had issue with their transmission valve body? My independent shop swears that the torque converters rarely fail on these trucks and that it’s usually the valve body. Transmission shop has a different position and says torque converter failure is the likely culprit. Symptoms of...
  7. scott schmerge

    Crankcase Ventilation Valves LR4 5.0 engine

    Question for the group. On the top of the passenger side valve cover in the back are the pcv valves. Has anyone on here had them fail? If so, assuming they are replaceable? The lr3 is a snap to replace the single valve, but have not explored how to replace these valves on the 5.0 engine and...
  8. scott schmerge

    Back Crossover/Heater Manifold Repair

    Hey all, I couldn’t find a video or any references for this repair so I made one during my repair. Hope it’s helpful!
  9. scott schmerge

    Bleeder screw replacement

    Hey All! Help, please! My plastic bleeder for the coolant hose from the heater manifold just snapped as I was tightening it back after bleeding the coolant. I know they have brass bleeder screws for the expansion tank, but has anyone been able to souce one for the back bleeder? Photo attached
  10. scott schmerge

    LR4 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement?

    Anyone out there that has replaced the valve cover gasket on a 5.0 engine? I’ve searched and searched and can’t seem to find any info for my LR4. I’ve got a minor leak off the passenger side. Not a pressing issue but would like to address it in the next couple of months. Can anyone direct me...

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