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    Wtb: rhino ox hitch

    Anyone want to sell their rhino ox hitch? Need one for my lr3, will also trade my oem short hitch along with some cash :)
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    Lr4 landrover Sump Guard for Sale

    Selling a genuine LR4 sump guard for $300.
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    18" LR3 10 spoke hard to find slotted Rims for Sale

    Hi I have 4 18" LR3 rims for sale. Asking $500 for all 4, or $620 shipped to lower 48 states. They all come with TPMS and the center caps. These are in excellent condition and rated a 9 out of 10. These rims weigh 29lbs a piece and are located in Rhode Island.
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    LR3 airstruts/shocks for sale $450

    LR3 airstruts/shocks for sale $350 I have 4 airstruts/shocks from a 2006 LR3 with 85,000 miles for sale. Asking $350 for all 4 or best offer. Shipping not included. No leaks, previous owner switched to coil springs. Located in Rhode Island.
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    Cruise control question

    Ok I recently purchased a Disco 2, 2000 and the cruise wasn't working, so I replaced the cracked vacuum hose and the cruise worked for about a week. Now I don't have any cruise control. I checked all vacuum lines, my horn works, fuse is ok, my cruise switch lights up when depressed on dash, I...
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    Tpms question

    Does anybody know what mhz's does a LR3 TPMS year 2008 run on? Is it 315 or 433?
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    Got another set of 18" rims & tires LR3

    ALL RIMS ARE SOLD!!! Ok I got 4 - 18" ten spoke rims & tires for sale. The rims are about a 8.5 out of a 10. Tires are in good condition, normal wear and one gouge. Selling them all for $400 or best offer. Shipping not included. Located in Rhode Island. See pics, image 2 shows the close up of...
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    Selling 18" 10 spoke rims

    All rims sold. Thanks. Only 1 rim of 9/14/15 Asking $75 plus shipping Ok, I decided to split up my 18" 10 spoke wheels. I'm asking $85 a wheel, plus shipping. Only selling 3 of them, decided to keep 1 for myself as an extra backup. All wheels will come with a tpms monitor for...
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    LR3 Expedition Rack legs

    Looking for the two front OEM expedition rack legs for a LR3, thanks. Dan
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    Suspension Fault - Any opinions?

    Ok I've been getting a random suspension fault every 8 - 15 miles, only when traveling consistently on the highway. Never when stop and go in town traveling. I changed out my battery, all my height and abs sensors and also checked my compressor and put a new dryer cap on. The dessicant beads...
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    Cruise control switch & headlight adjusters - disco 2

    I have a cruise control switch which I was going to use on my Disco 2 for fog lights, never did, sold the truck, don't need it anymore. $10.00 anyone? I also have a set of Disco 1 or 2 headlight adjusters part number stc 1232 for sale. Brand new never opened still in bag for $12.00.
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    Hannibal Rack for Disco 1, 2, LR3?

    SOLD!!! :) I have a Hannibal rack I might sell. How much would someone pay for it? Just trying to see what I could get. Here's a pic of it on my old truck. For the right price I might let it go. Hmmmm???
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    18" 10 spoke rim

    Looking for 1 10 spoke 18" LR3 rim. Any condition. Need it as a spare.

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