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  1. Bryan Jones

    Weird suspension fault

    After about 40-45 minutes of mainly highway driving I get an Amber "suspension fault" light on the dash. Turn the truck off, turn it back on, light goes away. Another 40-45 minutes of mainly highway driving, it comes back on. The weird part is, the truck will still raise and lower as it...
  2. Bryan Jones

    Air strut gone bad?

    Added the sya bump stop kit on with the straps, after compete install tried to raise the truck, the rear end raises, but not the front. Mainly the passenger front. The driver front raises a little, but not much. It also sounds like there's an air leak. I've pull the strut out and checked the air...
  3. Bryan Jones

    Mirror turn signal not working

    I just replaced my side view mirrors with tow mirrors, direct fit from I bought the mirrors with the turn signals, the problem is, the turn signal on the mirrors don't work. The stock mirrors didn't have turn signals, so I'm wondering if maybe that's why they don't work
  4. Bryan Jones

    No idea what happened

    Yesterday I was driving around, the low coolant light came on, then went away immediately. As I was pulling into a parking it said the engine was overheating, then the warning went away. I parked the truck, ran inside and grabbed something real quick (30 seconds max), came back out and there was...
  5. Bryan Jones

    Plastic in wheel well

    This l found this under the plastic trim, behind some metal, in the wheel well. I left it there because I have no idea what it is, or does
  6. Bryan Jones

    LR4 on 33's

    So I've purchased Proud Rhino 2.5" rods, bump stop kit (with straps), Black Rhino Barstow 20x8.5" inch wheels. Waiting for all of that get here. Soon I'm going to be purchasing Firestone Destination M/T2 33x12.5x20. Luckily for me, there's a shop near me that works on nothing but Land Rovers...
  7. Bryan Jones

    Mudtech 4x4 Raid 18" wheels

    Has anyone is NA, mainly US, bought and had these shipped? Strongly considering getting a set, but not sure how they'll fit with the larger brakes, Mudtech hasn't responded to emails either…
  8. Bryan Jones

    Any insight on this roof rack?

    Can't seem to find what roof rack I have on my '11 LR4. Came with it when I bought it (used of course), but can't seem to find it anywhere. Even on Voyager's website, it isn't on there. And no one else seems to have it

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