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  1. Manndolins


    I would check into buying it back from insurance company… fix it and run it that next 100k ;)
  2. Manndolins

    Lr4 5.0 serpentine belt issue

    Make sure both little alignment bumps on back of tensioner are in correct place when installed.. it’s easy to get one out which will change angle
  3. Manndolins

    Lr4 5.0 serpentine belt issue

    Ac compressor locked up? Clutch will spin freely when not engaged.. but stop dead when ac/defrost comes on if compressor is locked.. had this happened to me on a Jeep.
  4. Manndolins

    Dealer does not recommend changing transmission filter...ever?

    Nashville dealer also highly recommends against it.. says transmission is lifetime sealed.. popular local rover Indy will do it for about $1200. But don’t do pan swap.. they’re usually a good bit cheaper than dealer so can only imagine what dealer would charge if they would do it.
  5. Manndolins

    Please help

    One plugs into sensor on rear coolant heater manifold..other in bottom of intake manifold ..
  6. Manndolins

    need help with dealer-speak: "F & R Coolant Manifolds - Failed/critical"

    Front and rear coolant manifolds or crossover pipes..plastic pipes prone to failing.. front one is under front of intake manifold..back one is at rear of engine …most of cost is labor.
  7. Manndolins

    Buying an LR4 from a Buick dealer?? Please help

    And ask for inventory of parts replaced.. the jeep dealer I bought from printed off a copy of work done by them and also of work done by local LR dealer that they had to send it to for AC and other work.. overall they spent over $5k on it and delivered it 3 hours away to make me happy.. (at...
  8. Manndolins

    Buying an LR4 from a Buick dealer?? Please help

    Be aware that some dealers will do bare minimum to make symptoms go away and get it sold.. I bought mine from a Jeep dealer..they put a water pump on (autozone) but didn’t replace oil cooler pipe or o rings and even re used old water pump gaskets.. I discovered this when I replaced crossover...
  9. Manndolins

    Saying Goodbye to my LR4 - Sad day

    For reference I paid $14.5k about a month ago for our 2012 lux. 128k miles..hope it makes it to 230k! when searching for one they were usually gone before I could get to them..don’t go by’s way low…I think CARFAX is a little high and NADA is just about right
  10. Manndolins

    Anyone close? Free parts

    Hey Michael, I’m in Clarksville..I’d be interested in Motul if you still have it..maybe some other stuff…PM me if you like.
  11. Manndolins

    Showoff Your LR4

    Our recently purchased 2012 lr4 HSE Lux. 130k. Pic is from trip to WV from TN. Our purchase started out a little rocky replaced tires, front brakes, AC compressor, condenser..LCAB..water pump, thermostat and a few hoses before leaving stealership…still didn’t fix slow coolant
  12. Manndolins

    2012 LR4 coolant flush

    I’m finishing up my crossover pipes, water pump, etc today and would like to start with all fresh coolant ..what’s best procedure to flush old stuff out?

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