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    SYA Kit Owners - measurement help

    Hi All, Can anyone with an SYA kit installed give me their measurements (front and rear) from center of wheel to fender well above? I’m trying to double check mine against other installs with an actual measurement of the vehicle rather than computer settings. Mine is almost dialed in but still...
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    SYA Kit, Oversize Tires and Stability Control

    Hello Everyone, I've had my SYA kit and 255/65R19's for a couple months or so now, I've been really happy with the way it came out. We have noticed a bit of an issue though and I'm curious if anyone has feedback they can share on it. We live in the mountains and regularly drive on small...
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    Lucky 8 SYA Kit Problem

    I purchased the SYA kit and 4 Arnott struts recently and had my local Indy shop install them. There were no instructions with the kit and this is the first time my shop had done one, they reached out to lucky 8 who then sent over a video on how to do it. All good so far at this point, their...
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    New air struts and Lucky 8 SYA kit

    Hi Everyone, Been lurking and finally signed up. I have a 2010 V8 HSE with 139k on it, I’m the second owner and bought it in 2014 with 55k on it. I’ve probably put more than 20k into this thing just in maintenance so far, the list is long. Fortunately or unfortunately the family loves this...

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