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  1. douglastic

    2006 Land rover lr3 v6, issue is my back wheels are hitting bumper stops(red suspension alert)

    Replace sensor and recalibrate - seems likely to solve your problem
  2. douglastic

    Diff Fluid

    Our diffs are the same (non-locking) I use Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75w-90, 2 bottles @ $16/ea on amazon. Front: .69L, Rear: 1.16L Easy DIY job using gravity and a long tube/funnel, or a cheap hand pump
  3. douglastic

    LR3 Rear Window Support Arms

    read thru the entire link in post 7 some repair suggestions are shown
  4. douglastic

    How to add Bluetooth, etc., to 2006 LR3 HSE

    See post 9 in this tread - it's all there. - pull out entire aux panel with flip lid - unplug wires - gut contents, stick the new BT panel into old circuit's space - push wires out so you can solder/crimp - mate wires from vehicle to appropriate BT panel...
  5. douglastic

    Compressor Brand

    As far as I know, my 2007 is still running its original compressor No record of previous owners replacing it I completely refreshed it at 120k, now have 170k If it ever dies, I will replace with same for sure
  6. douglastic

    How to add Bluetooth, etc., to 2006 LR3 HSE

    I just did this - for a grand total of $17 I now have "factory" BT streaming audio! $11 for BT, and $6 for a new AUX plug. This item fits the 3/8" hole perfectly: Could not be happier! Completely hidden, auto-on/off, easy connection, OEM sound quality...
  7. douglastic

    Lost key

    when you buy a new key at a dealer, you provide your VIN and then LR makes/sends a key for that vehicle. There may be independent shops that can do this for you also - I think there is one here in California who has done it for customers for less $ than dealers charge. I suggest maybe trying...
  8. douglastic

    Lost key

    Where are you located? I have never heard of the "2 key minimum". Also, any key ordered thru a dealer should be closer to $300/ea, and is VIN locked so would work 100% - no "ifs".
  9. douglastic

    Suspension Problem, I haven't one! LR3

    most likely - depending HOW cheap your eBay special was - you got a dud. what is the seller's return policy? What is damaged on your original? More than just o-rings I assume? I would trust a used/junkyard valve block over unknown brands, then refresh with a new o-ring kit. might save you some...
  10. douglastic

    2008 LR3 Trans Pan identification

    Original integrated plastic pan has fins, metal is smooth
  11. douglastic

    Alternative Fluids

    I used Pentosin CHF-11S and Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75w-90
  12. douglastic

    LR3 Smokes only at startup?!

    Do you mean BG 44k?
  13. douglastic

    Carpet replacement?

    Have you tried local junk yards, or craigslist/offerup parting out an LR3? Or post a few WTB on forums, might get lucky.
  14. douglastic

    2006 LR3 Heater Issues

    Some thoughts: - do you smell coolant? - is your level good, do you need top-ups? - is the engine overheating? - when was the thermostat last changed? - how is your water pump? (btw: you could still have trapped air, LR3s are difficult to purge)
  15. douglastic

    Way to manually engage/disengage the LR3's center diff/transfer case actuator?

    Doesn't selecting "Grass/Gravel/Snow" or "Rock Crawl" lock the diffs?
  16. douglastic

    Tow bar welded in? Need help!

    My spare tire is in right now, so can't easily get a look for you - maybe someone w/o a spare in can confirm? But the little pin you just circled is definitely not your "rusted plug of concern". That little release pin on the front (that pops the D-shape pin out) is inaccessible to welding once...
  17. douglastic

    Tow bar welded in? Need help!

    That's not the pin. Directly below your red arrow is a D shaped pin in a rectangular hole. Between the safety chain loops, very low on the hitch receptacle. That D shaped pin is the part that retracts. Seeing how crusty your seems to be, a few taps on the pin should maybe loosen it. Maybe try...
  18. douglastic

    3rd Row Child Car Seats - Need Advice!

    Inertia belts typically tighten on impact, or hard yank. I don't think they tighten when pulled or adjusted slowly.
  19. douglastic

    Pulled the trigger on an LR3 / Disco 3 HSE

    Just following the manual would be a good start? Castrol 5w30, every 7,500 miles. Or follow your friend's schedule/spec. Or use whatever GF3 5w30 you like. Mann, Mahle, Wix filters are good. Mine is getting higher mileage so I do Castrol GTX every 5k. And Wix for price/local availability.
  20. douglastic

    Drivers side window switch

    To help anyone else with this problem ending up here: I JUST did this last week. You must remove the door panel to gain access to remove the switch plugs. It is not hard, just 8 screws and a bunch of clips around perimeter. See: My master switches for the rear stopped working. I started by...
  21. douglastic

    LR3 Relay and fuse location?

    fuse F51 says "A/C" in my manual (glovebox) R10 and F22 say "Rear Blower" (engine bay)
  22. douglastic

    Disco 3 keyfob dead

    maybe need to replace the battery ($10ish), find some DIY on the you tubes Did you try leaving in the ignition for a bit to see if it comes back to life at all?
  23. douglastic

    L322 plastic cup jacking points

    You might want to ask your question in the Range Rover subforum
  24. douglastic

    LR3 Suspension Compressor

    Dealers also probably charge more for the compressor itself R&R is pretty straightforward - it won't take you 5-6hrs - unless something breaks Usually the little captive nuts, but hopefully your compressor came with them (RYH500170) Just make sure you have no leaks at the hose connections . ...
  25. douglastic

    LR3 Suspension Compressor

    DIY vs dealer/indie installs? Have you factored in a diagnostic tool (IIDtool)? You will definitely need one if yours needs love - the sooner you get it, the quicker it pays itself off.

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