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  1. Jimmy Brooks

    Timing chain…

    I know we’ve seen enough of these threads but I’m fairly confident that after leaving the truck sitting for 9 days while I was on vacation I was greeted with a dead battery and the chain rattle. This is the first time I’ve heard it and it seems to go away after the truck has been running for a...
  2. Jimmy Brooks

    Bad tie rod ends?

    So it’s been over 2 years and I still get some steering wheel shake at higher speeds from 75Mph< I’ve done LCA’s sway bar links and mounts, rebalanced the wheels multiple times and still happens. The steering sometimes will go light when under moderate power (3500ish rpm) at like 70 ish mph. So...
  3. Jimmy Brooks

    K&N air filter?

    About time for some new air filters and ive caught myself in a predicament. I’m thinking of going with a K&N reusable air filter but I’ve held back because I don’t know if the factory ones have extra particular filtering for dust in off road conditions or help filter out water incase it some how...
  4. Jimmy Brooks

    Spark plugs?

    I was going through my maintenance of what I needed to have done within the next month and I realized that I had never replaced my spark plugs at 105k. I current have 131k on the truck and it still runs great, no lack of power, no rough idle, no check engine light, the car runs absolutely...
  5. Jimmy Brooks

    Ton of faults after an aftermarket subwoofer was installed (SOLVED)

    Well had a subwoofer put in and got the car back early this afternoon and everything was great, until I got on the freeway. After going over 45 mph the every light on the dash came on (stability control, ABS, parking brake, cruise control, suspension, transmission etc.) I’m not too familiar with...
  6. Jimmy Brooks

    Steering issue (is this normal?)

    I posted a form about this a couple of months ago but no one really had any idea about what I was talking about so I have come back with a video. Is this normal under hard acceleration? You can see in the video that the steering wheel pulls hard to the right and then goes straight then...
  7. Jimmy Brooks

    As Predicted. (Defender news)

    Well, it’s here boys.
  8. Jimmy Brooks

    Light Bar suggestions?

    Planing on getting my front runner rack installed with a light bar mounted under the roof rack in between the trucks roof and the rack. Right now I have a couple of options of light bars, but I don’t have many trustworthy reviews to back them up. I’m looking for a straight LED light bar 42-46...
  9. Jimmy Brooks

    Creaking when I turn left (comes from the right wheel)

    Starting to notice a creaking when I turn left or articulate over things. I did a test to see what wheel it comes from by putting one of the Front wheels on a low curb and having the other one on pavement. This showed me that it was coming from the right wheel. It would Creak while going up the...
  10. Jimmy Brooks

    Toque steer?

    I’ve noticed an issue that I thought would go away when the alignment was fixed but it didn’t. Basically when I go from a stand still and press the gas heavier then normal the steering wheel will steer right and then straighten out when I take my hands off of it. Almost like toque steer in a...
  11. Jimmy Brooks

    There she blows, (maybe coolant crossover)

    Well, it looks like my car decided to relieve its self of all of its coolant after a drive to one of my buddy’s houses. I’m guessing it’s the inevitable coolant crossover pipe but I’m not too sure. I’ll keep you guys updated when I hear from the shop on Monday. Good news is my oil temperature...
  12. Jimmy Brooks

    Front skid plate options?

    Looking to find a good quality for price skid plate for the front of my LR4. It seems they raised the prices on lucky8 for the “front Guard” anyone know where I could get a good quality one for less expensive?
  13. Jimmy Brooks

    Speedometer recalibration with IID Tool

    Hey guys,I’ve been trying to re-calibrate my speedometer with my IID tool and I’m having a bit of trouble. I am running 265/65/18s with a total diameter of 31.5 inches. I told the IID tool that I had 32 inch tires and I was on the freeway and the speedometer says I’m going “72” MPH but Waze says...
  14. Jimmy Brooks

    Gas tank fuel capacity.

    So I finally got sick and tired of staring at it and decided to make this post about it so here is my issue. I noticed about 10k miles ago that when I would fill up my LR4 that I was only getting 250 miles on a full tank. It’s quite inconsistent but it seems to have gotten worse now only getting...
  15. Jimmy Brooks

    Clunk/knock, starting to get concerned.

    Well here I am again! I’ve been hearing a clunk/knock recently that’s starting to scare me a little bit. After I got my tires I got exited and decided to have some fun with her, which led to me accidentally hitting a jump at 40 Mph and throwing off the alignment and causing a little bit of play...
  16. Jimmy Brooks

    Steering wheel shake

    Getting a noticeable steering wheel shake/jitter at higher speeds on most surfaces. Didn’t get this before upgrading to 31’s. I know the 18 inch wheels a long with the bigger tires are much heavier and track different but I’m not sure if the place that put the tires on balanced them the best or...
  17. Jimmy Brooks

    Traction control/ESC issues

    I recently swapped 18’ inch wheels with 265/65/18 tires onto my LR4. This 4th of July weekend I went up to Lake Arrowhead which requires you to drive up a mountain with sloped corners that you can take relatively fast even in this heavy of a car. This time however it was crowded going up the...
  18. Jimmy Brooks

    OEM 19’ LR4 wheels With tire, wheel caps, and lug nuts (4 set) (LR051523)

    Selling these OEM 19’ wheels with the tires, wheel caps, and lug nuts. The price is $900 plus shipping (estimated $190 but can be more or less depending on the area). The wheels are in relatively good condition with minor scratches. If anyone shows interest I will include more in-depth photos.
  19. Jimmy Brooks

    18’ Tuff ant wheels

    Just had my 18’ Tuff ant wheels attempted to be mounted and me being clueless though that these were made so you didn’t have to grind the calipers down or put use spacers. Just to make sure I’m not missing anything, I do have to do one of those options correct. I’d also appreciate to hear why...
  20. Jimmy Brooks

    Tpms and 18’

    Getting new 18 inch wheels and tires Wednesday. While I was ordering my tires from the shop they told me the tpms from my factory 19’ is able to be swapped to the new 18’ wheels. I see all these forms about people turning off tpms with the iid tool. Why wouldn’t they just swap them over like I...
  21. Jimmy Brooks

    Rear main seal?!

    Just had the the car in for 110k service and was told my exhaust manifold bolts were corroded and snapped off but that’s a different post for a different time. On the service sheet I was also reminded that my mechanic believes I have a rear main seal leak. He noticed oil between the engine and...
  22. Jimmy Brooks

    what’s the fastest you’ve gone in your LR4

    Went to Arizona this weekend to break quarantine last weekend. The trip was easy and made great time with no one on the road. This gave me the privilege to safely go a little faster then I was supposed to. I found that on oem wheels regular tires I found out that the car could sit quite...
  23. Jimmy Brooks

    Door deadening

    Being bogged down in all the corona virus crap and stress I thought to my self, what a great time to start my very first upgrade project on my 2010 hse lux. I decided to do door deadening on my 480w Harmon/kardon Logic7 System using dynamat. Because I’m a sound ***** and I have my bass setting...
  24. Jimmy Brooks

    IID tool question

    Just a question with iid tool. So I’ve noticed there’s an insane difference from the $2,100 iid tool and the $500 iid tool. I would like to buy the $500 but I need it to be able to remove the tpms feature when I get 18 inch rims in September and I’d also like to raise the suspension an inch and...
  25. Jimmy Brooks

    Windshield wipers obnoxiously scraping

    I’ve had this issue for as long as I can remember and I’m finally fed up with it. My wipers make a scraping noise every time they wipe to the point were it sounds like their frozen and there is no water on the windshield. It’s not the wipers I’ve had numerous sets and they’ve all done the same...

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