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    What's everyone's favourite replacement lower control arms?

    Just put on the Meyer HDs and they ride as well as I remember the originals but should last much longer. Very happy I went with them.
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    Diff Fluid

    I just did mine and put Redline 75W90 GL-5 in both front and back Diff’s.
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Mine is scheduled for next week. They are saying 2 days Really wonder why some are 3 hours and others take up to 3 days.
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Ouch not cheap…..I’d think there would be an aftermarket options that might be even better than original
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Anyone else replaced your drive shafts? If so what did you go with? Thanks
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Thanks for the link. It looks like they don’t carry a driveshaft for my 2015. Says only up to 2013…..Did LR change the driveshafts for the V6SC I wonder?
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Also did you stay with LR shafts or get some other company that maybe even have the ability to grease them?
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Thanks! May I ask the cost of something like this? Im surprised this might be the problem at only 80k miles on my 2015.
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Hey everyone I was changing out Difs and Xfer case oils yesterday and noticed these two lines of some kind of oil/grease. I have no idea what this is or what it could be. If it helps it is drivers side. If you look close you can see two lines of oil/grease almost perfectly parallel with each...
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    LR4 Steering Sounds

    Any updates to this? Thanks
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    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    Do both through eBay have a return ability? If so, maybe buy both and then compare all three and let us know……not a cheap way of doing it but if able to return then not bad.
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    275 or 265 with GAP tool only

    They do if your thinking of the KO2's?
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    275 or 265 with GAP tool only

    I just put on 275/55/20's BFG KO2s with zero rubbing on stock but with 2019 Discovery 20inch wheels(not sure on offset). I bought used with 90% life because I wanted to make sure the rubbing wouldn't be to bad but to my surprise I have not experienced any, BUT I know its at MAX and a new tire...
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    Current Brake Pad and Rotor Recommendations?

    I went with Zimmermann Coated Rotors and Akebono Ceramic Brakes. Been very happy with performance and little dust.
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    Brand New JLR Cooling System

    I had everything replaced, I thought anyways, then had a leak…..Was the thermostat that the shop did not replaced when they did everything else.
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    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Just an update….. I went to put on some Tokyo’s open countries 255/55/20 but tire shop sold them errr. The shop manager suggested I try the 275/55/20 KO2’s they had used at about 90% thread. I told them I don’t think they will work but we tried anyways. Well I can report I have zero rubbing...
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    Change out differential and transfer case fluids

    Also I did more digging and it looks like TF-0870 is the NEW spec that replaced TF-0753. I found the Ravenol TF-0870 and it clearly states that it is the updated spec for Land Rover models requiring transfer case gear oil specification or part number: IYK500010, LR0753, TF-0753, TF-0870...
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    Change out differential and transfer case fluids

    Thanks Izzy for the info! About the Viscosity I did some digging and this is what I found. Shell TF 0753(Basically GL-4 Gear oil) Viscosity @ 40 C (cST): 36 Viscosity @ 100 C (cST): 7.3 Viscosity Index: 174 Royal Purple Synchromax (GL-4 gear Oil) Viscosity @ 40 C (cST): 39 Viscosity @ 100...
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    Just exceeded warranty, where is everyone buying oil and Filters from to perform fluid change

    2015 LR4 here and I put in Redline 5W20, buy from Amazon and ACDelcro filters from Amazon As well.
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    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Been reading through threads…….are some seriously riding on 275/55/20 with no mods and minimum rubbing? That’s a 31.9 inch tire!!!! I thought 31.5 265/65/20 is pushing it!
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    Change out differential and transfer case fluids

    Bump...I like to use Redline Oils and plan to change out the Diffs and use the Redline recommended oil. I also wanted to use Redline Transfer case oil but the redline website doesn't show any that is recommended for my '15 LR4. So I called and spoke with a tech....He looked it up and confirmed...
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    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Ya I would only use the 19inch spare as a "spare" and in my mind it makes sense that the same diameter tire/wheel would be fine to use but just wanted to make sure. My wife drives it as her Daily and wanted black wheels and I found the 20's off a newer Discovery and pulled the trigger. I like...
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    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Another strange question…..I’d like a full size spare but I’m having trouble finding a single 20inch rim. Would I be able to just use one of my old 19inch rims and put a tire on it that matches the size of my 20’s? example: 255/55/20=31’’ diameter and 10’’ width 255/60/19=31’’ diameter and...
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    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Any of you running 20's try 285/50R20 and get no or minimal rubbing on stock suspension? Height at 31.2 should not cause rubbing but I'm wondering about that 11.2 wideness? Seems most posts about tire size people just talk about the height at staying in that 31.? range but can't find much...
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    Lower control arm replacements

    Which polys did you go with?

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