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  1. djkaosone

    Order of off-road mods

    Agreed that my priorities were to protect the underside, but I wanted to keep weight at a minimal. I went with ASFIR (aluminum) sump and gear skid, Terrafirma sliders, and Dark Crow Designs (steel) gas skid. Served me very well with lots of battle scars. Once you get top heavy like I did...
  2. djkaosone

    Water pump replacement - mystery plug

    Exactly... here's an old pic of what it should look like.
  3. djkaosone

    What's everyone's favourite replacement lower control arms?

    I don't think it's supposed to move that much or much at all.
  4. djkaosone

    Water pump replacement - mystery plug

    Funny, the gray y-pipe that bends down to the right is a dead y split. The hose is supposed to go to a black plastic n i p p l e that goes to the water pump. You can't just buy that piece, but someone recently made the brass replacement version. In hind sight, whomever did that made a genius...
  5. djkaosone

    LR4 Front coolant outlet tube BS

    Looks like you dodged a big bullet there. I found that you can get the majority of the air pockets out by removing the bleed screw next to the battery, removing the overflow connector near the throttle body, and the coolant reservoir cap. The coolant will automatically level itself to a certain...
  6. djkaosone

    What's everyone's favourite replacement lower control arms?

    If you guys are replacing front lower LCAs that often, I'd highly recommend getting them from FCP Euro. I replaced mine with Lucky8 polys 2 years ago and they're ok. Squeaks a bit here and there, but not too bad. I'm thinking I just need to poly grease lube them again to prevent squeaking and...
  7. djkaosone

    Brake pad fun

    I agree... I rotate my tires a lot and it takes 2 seconds to look at the pad thickness. But then again, I also shorted my pad warning sensors. Both were worn out from being old and I didn't feel like replacing them. They're probably one of the less inexpensive things on the maintenance list, but...
  8. djkaosone

    Water pump replacement - mystery plug

    I recently posted this, Get the brass replacement n i p p l e.
  9. djkaosone

    Dealership Multi-Point Inspection INSANE Recommendations!

    I recently had an exhaust leak, so, I pulled my heads off to do both exhaust manifold gaskets. I still ended up spending under $2k and diy the entire project. I spent 4-5 days over 14 hours a day pulling it apart, cleaning, rethreading most holes, and putting it back together. Taking it apart...
  10. djkaosone

    Zip tie timing quide and tensioner replacement

    Check your bank 1 and bank 2 intake and exhaust cam gear position by degrees. If it's really off you'll see it. It's also vvti and "should" compensate a bit, but if it's way off you might hurt it in the long run.
  11. djkaosone

    Random LR4 Death and Resurrection

    Try an ohm test from the negative battery post to various grounding points of the engine bay. It might be the main grounding post behind the wheel well.
  12. djkaosone

    Audio Control Module

    That sounds reasonable, considering the Spiral Audio kit with the MOST fiber optic module is almost $700. There's a "Tesla" style kit too. Maybe that's an option...
  13. djkaosone

    What should I strip off this LR3 for spare parts for my LR4?

    Height sensors, valve blocks, short roof rails, tow harness, and anything else you need.
  14. djkaosone

    The XLifter EAS Controller

    For those of us with the xlifter, Jan released 2 new updates. 1.06 release allows the user to manually adjust each corner strut. 1.07 is a cumulative release update that features a suspension lock and it stays locked until you unlock it.
  15. djkaosone

    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    I noticed my grease stains 30k miles before I noticed vibration, and before I swapped it out. I bought this and it sat for a year or so... haven't had any issues with it so far.
  16. djkaosone

    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Yup, that's coming from your rear drive shaft. You should also check the driveshaft bearing for play as well. Mine was recently replaced and the first signs were the grease splatter lines, vibrations, and then had some play on the bearing.
  17. djkaosone

    SOLD! LR3, LR4, and Range Rover Sport trailer harness

    I have a used OEM trailer wiring harness for sale. $75 + shipping.
  18. djkaosone

    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    I have 255/70r17s KO2s which are 31.1" and dropped to bump stops without rubbing on my '11 LR4 5.0 V8. The wheel well is definitely wide enough to handle it as long as your offset is correct. I just picked up my 285/70r17s and we'll see how that goes.
  19. djkaosone

    2010 5.0 P0087 Fuel Rail/System pressure - too low

    This is the part number for my '11 LR4 5.0 V8 HSE Lux, LR081595. Get the Bosch and only Bosch version. Looks like this is the cheapest one I found, LR081595. DIY: Remove RH wheel well liner and skid plate if you have one for easy access. Depressurize the fuel system first from the top fuel...
  20. djkaosone

    LR4 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement?

    I enjoyed that video. The one suggestion that I would make is to lube your injectors with something like die electric lube, its non-conductive. Sliding the the injector and fuel rail back in is smooth like butter and doesn't require any tools. Hammering the injector back in can actually...
  21. djkaosone

    LR4: Long Crank, Multiple Faults, No Dash Lights Illuminated

    If it starts faster in N, then it could be your neutral safety switch. If it takes the same number of "long" cranks to start in P or N, then it's something else. If you can clear the codes and see what comes back, that'll give you a clearer picture of what's going on. If I were to take a...
  22. djkaosone

    LR4: Long Crank, Multiple Faults, No Dash Lights Illuminated

    If you still have access to your truck, does it atart in (N)eutral? PS, you can take it out of (P) and into (N)eutral by taking out the center cup holder and pushing in the white plastic and shifting it to N.
  23. djkaosone

    Water leak from dome light?

    The drain tubes go down to your side vents. Look for tubes on the top rear corner of each or your side vents and try clearing it from there.
  24. djkaosone

    1-Yr Check-in and Trouble Code Rant

    That's some good info right there. I've been battling rich fuel for quite (3 years) a while and still can't figure it out. When I did my timing chain, I replaced a lot of fuel related things hpfp, injectors, all o2 sensors, both maf sensors, map sensor, and still shows negative fuel trims. I...

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