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  1. djkaosone

    SOLD! LR3, LR4, and Range Rover Sport trailer harness

    I have a used OEM trailer wiring harness for sale. $75 + shipping.
  2. djkaosone

    Water pump ******

    Has anyone tried to remove the water pump and accidentally broken the plastic n i p p l e? Instead of buying the upper cooling pipe(s), 2 pipes if you need the updated version, you can get this brass n i p p l e...
  3. djkaosone

    Gap iid tool - 2021 BF sale

    For anyone looking to get the GAP IID Tool, this is your opportunity. Instagram link -
  4. djkaosone

    Easy airing up/down

    Not sure about you guys, but airing up and down takes forever and bending over to do it isn't fun anymore. I decided to put (5) schrader valves (1 at each corner and a single schrader valve up front), dot rated 1/4 od tubing, and (3) 1/4 tee push fit connectors. I also made (4) 24" air line...
  5. djkaosone

    djkaosone build thread

    A few people have asked, and I finally decided to create a build tread. I'll update this original post with links to stuff I did to my LR4. 2011 Land Rover LR4 HSE LUX Santorini Black Armor: ASFIR Front Sump skid plate ASFIR Gear skid plate ASFIR Air tank skid plate Terrafirma rock sliders...
  6. djkaosone

    Diy headliner storage

    I needed more interior storage and the overhead space seems like there's lots of space. So, I ended up making some mounting brackets out of some aluminum stock I had laying around to mount to the oh sheet handles. I used 4 aluminum sheets, about 3"x12". Removed the handles to line up the...
  7. djkaosone

    Lucky8 2020 black friday sale

    Got this info from: Our Black Friday sale is live at Lucky 8! Click the Black Friday banner on the landing page or here: Some notable...
  8. djkaosone

    Waffle board mount

    I have the Frontrunner Slimline II roof rack and roof rack real estate is hard to come by with a rtt and solar panel mounted. Recently picked up some waffle (frp bridging) boards and mounting them in a useful/accessible spot was challenging. I think I found the perfect spot, under the roof...
  9. djkaosone

    BD Squadron fog lights

    If anyone is wondering, yes, you can definitely replace your fog lights with Baja Designs Squadron-R Sports. They are the perfect size. I made some custom brackets from 1" aluminum L bar. And just use an h11 male pigtails to connect up to the BD connectors.
  10. djkaosone

    Ham antenna installed

    I was tired of the magmount and thought I'd share my permanent ham antenna radio installation. I made a custom aluminum mounting bracket ot of 1" aluminum bar, 1/8" thick, and cut roughly 6" long. I used a 3/4" NMO rg58 cable and terminated my own pl259 connector. Ultimately, used a dual band...
  11. djkaosone

    LR4 ARB Rear Locker is possible!

    Ok, I've been researching the LR4 ARB Rear Locker for years now. Every time I go down that rabbit hole it's a dead end. I haven't contacted ARB about this yet, but if someone wants to go down this rabbit hole by all means. ARB front lockers have been around for a while and are interchangeable...
  12. djkaosone

    Battery charging issues and a fix??

    Ok, I've been battling battery issues for quite some time. If you don't know, I'm on my 4th battery. This time I got a Duracell Platinum AGM H8 850CCA 92Ah. I decided to change the battery type with my IIDTool in the CCF settings under Body Control and Battery type. I seriously tried all of...
  13. djkaosone

    Towing a trailer with LEDs

    There was another thread out there about this a long time ago and I don't want to resurrect it. I've been towing boat trailers with incandescent lights without ANY issues with 4-pin and 7-pin. I borrowed my buddies 7-pin toy hauler trailer for the weekend and ALL the lights work, except the...
  14. djkaosone

    IIDTool BT deal

    I would like to start off saying, "I have ZERO affiliation with Lucky 8 LLC." I'm just posting this for those looking to get a GAP IIDTool BT, but just couldn't justify the cost. Well, here's your opportunity as they are on sale. This is by far the best, best bang for the buck, and cheapest...
  15. djkaosone

    LR4 wheel studs?

    Does anyone have any information on wheel studs? With my new setup I'm inclined to look for extended wheel studs or at least have extra wheel studs out on the trail. With that said, the only info I have is that you can't buy them. The OEM pitch is M14x1.5, and the lug nuts is a combo conical...
  16. djkaosone

    FS: 08' Range Rover wheels

    I have 9 wheels or rims. They are 7 spoke 19x8 factory wheels. I originally had 2 sets and a spare. 1 set of 4 wheels have Bridgestone Dueler H/L 255/55r19 in good condition. The other set of 5 had Goodyear Duratrac 255/55r19. 3 popped on a trail, so there are 2 tires with decent tread. One of...
  17. djkaosone

    Diy timing chain

    Alright... it has begun. The infamous timing chain noise was just getting louder and I've sourced all the parts and tools to do it myself. This will be an ongoing tutorial/experience from my perspective. If you're doing this it's at you're own risk, and I'll document my experience to help you...
  18. djkaosone

    Timing chain on 2011 LR4?

    Has anyone replaced their own timing chain? If so, what am I in for as far as specialty tools and additional items I should replace while doing this? Fyi, I've got a lot of stuff, water pump, thermostat, new updated thermostat hoses, upper cooling hose pipe, alternator, serpentine belt, coil...
  19. djkaosone


    If you're like me looking for a spot for your switches, I found the perfect location on my '11 LR4.
  20. djkaosone

    Brake pads and calipers

    Ok, I'm on a mission to complete an ambitious project. Can someone tell me the difference between the LR3 and LR4 front calipers and brake pads? I've been searching around and the front caliper seems like some sites show the LR3 and LR4 to have the same part numbers and some can be swapped...
  21. djkaosone

    Terrafirma hidden winch install

    Just thought I'd share my experience with installing the Terrafirma hidden winch mount (newer version for the LR4) (TF096) and Terrafirma 12k winch with synthetic rope (TF3301). I got both shipped with a set of Brtipart recovery tracks DA4587 for about $1k shipped to SoCal from
  22. djkaosone

    IID Gap tool

    If any of you are like me, waiting a few years for the IID Gap tool (bluetooth version) to go on sale, its on sale at Search for, "TFIIDBT". I'm not affiliated with them at all, just passing on a great deal. I just picked one up for £368 or $434 shipped to Southern California.
  23. djkaosone

    Found a LR4 w/HD package

    Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated to the seller. I was just checking out other LR4s on Craigslist and found a sought out HD packaged LR4 if anyone was looking for one in Los Angeles, CA. I checked the VIN and it had the rear locking diff...
  24. djkaosone

    18" wheels, besides compomotive

    This is a random find and I don't know how valid this is, but I was on the site looking around and stumbled across this, It also happens to be this exact part from OEM Land Rover...
  25. djkaosone

    Atlantic British diagnostics tool?

    I was just randomly looking at diagnostic tools and this popped up, Has anyone heard or used it? It sounds like a real competitor to the IIDtool by Gap Dianostics.

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