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    Recharge air conditioning

    How easy/ difficult is it to DIY recharge of air conditioning on the LR4?
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    no air post gas line recall service

    Th'13 had a recall for the fuel line recall and post the service my air-conditioning does not work. Does anybody have a theory what to check? Do they disconnect the battery and could that have reset the system?
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    catalytic converters replacement marketplace?

    From a failed attempt to steal my cat, I had to replace it due to a cut in the pipe which could not be easily repaired. I have the old one; is there a market for old cat's? I have any and all docs, along with a video to prove my ownership. Curious who has thoughts and answers:
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    When is it time to say goodbye?

    I have a '13 with 119k miles and it has been a garage queen since we bought it new. I have looked at selling it many times, but the values of 17k-20k just seem really low for what it does. Yes, a RAV4 has lower daily cost to drive and maintain, but the RAV4 will not tow or carry gear like the...
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    Be honest! What's the deepest snow you've driven in with your LR4

    From the Twin Cities in MN: 18-24" snows are handled without a problem. Funny story. My wife came home in her LR4 and drove through the plow line on the driveway with no issues. When I got home, I saw her track and figured I could get through it to the garage, following her trail: nope. It...
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    Timing Chain Class Action Settlement

    I have a '13 that is a dealer serviced vehicle since we bought it. Kept to the standard 15K recommended changes, and had a heated garage for its life when we bought it new. It runs fabulous and has 119k miles today.
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    Considering an LR4. Would you buy one at 100k mileage?

    I have a '13 with 119k miles, dealer service records from when I bought it, if either of you are interested. Down sized and no room in garage.
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    Success in having Land Rover cover timing chain expense post 100k miles

    anybody know what dealer price is to replace?
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    Replacement Timing Chain/Tensioner Longevity Question

    I have 119k miles with original, but on start now it sounds like i may have an issue. Unfortunately, I'm off extended warranty and over the settlement milage.
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    Success in having Land Rover cover timing chain expense post 100k miles

    With the lawsuit settled, has anyone had experience getting Rover to cover the cost of the timing chains post 100k miles. The argument being they knew of the design flaw and recommended 15k between oil changes which would surpass reasonable standards of maintenance. Just curious...
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    '13 LR4 catalytic converter pricing

    Someone had a failed attempt to steal my driver side cat, which then needed to be replaced. I have the old one, with proper paperwork and video giving providence. Does anyone have an idea of one would sell for?
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    Saying Goodbye to my LR4 - Sad day

    Where are you looking to go to sell it? Autotrader seems to have a lot of them, but Bringatrailer and Carsandbids don't seem to have too many vehicles or traffic on the sites.
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    LR4 2013 5.0L engine ?

    Thanks. I have all the dealer records and wanted to have as much info as I could before selling it.
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    LR4 2013 5.0L engine ?

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    LR4 2013 5.0L engine ?

    I am getting it ready to sell because I don't have the garage space.
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    LR4 2013 5.0L engine ?

    I have kept up with dealer service and have 119k miles with zero issues. Would it seem reasonable that I have the redesigned timing chains and tensioners in the '13? Does anyone have an estimate of how many more miles that engine would go?
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    LR4 2013 5.0L engine ?

    Was there a change in the engine type and or reliability in the 5.0L engines on the '13's?
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    Would you buy this LR4?

    I have a '13 with 119k miles that need the control arms replaced, but it drives great. Never been off road.
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    Would you buy this LR4?

    That seems like a great deal, even with the back and forth.
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    Lower control arm replacements

    Excellent. I figured I would ask here before searching out YouTube.
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    LR4 wheel care recommendations

    Thank you both. I will look into them.
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    LR4 wheel care recommendations

    I have some mild black pitting on the OEM wheels and wanted to know products to use without wrecking clear coat.
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    Lower control arm replacements

    How difficult of a DIY project is it to replace the lower control arms?
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    catalytic converter theft

    I had an attempted theft, but they only cut a 1/4" grove into downpipe. I think they either got spooked by the dogs or realized they wouldn't get it off the vehicle. Unfortunately the ordeal gave me a tuba sound when driving and replaced with new. I kept old one figuring to sell it at some...

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