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  1. bromhead

    Oversize tires for 2020 Defender

    Curious what oversize tire options there are for the new defender. I assume the bigger engine versions require 19 or bigger wheels due to the brake calipers. Are there 18 in options like there are for the LR4? And how big can we go. Outside magazine hints at 35’s with a bit of a mod....
  2. bromhead

    Replace key fob

    My dealer just quoted @600 bucks to replace and synchronized a new key fob! Please tell me there is a cheaper alternative!
  3. bromhead

    gap tool

    Hi, Apologies if this has been covered already... Just ordered the gap tool, currently running the stock 19 inch wheels with Good year AT's (255/55/19) on a 2012 LR4 with HD. What would be the recommended (safe) changes to make to the suspension height for day to day use as well as an off...
  4. bromhead


    I realize its subjective, but I am very happy with my 19in DuraTrac's. I went back and forth on what to do, and as I have become a lazy poser, I just couldn't justify the expense of 19 in wheels and a rear bumper (not a fan of airing down and putting a slightly bigger tire under the truck)...
  5. bromhead

    Price for 2year Service and rear brakes

    I brought my 2012 LR4 in for a warranty repair (bad battery and problem with heating element on front windsheild). I was conned into doing my 2 year service 1 month earlier (I might have even gone longer as I only have 17k miles on her). The cost for the service was @$500. How does that...
  6. bromhead

    Heated windshields

    Last week, I travelled to Utah and after a storm, used, for perhaps the first time, my heated front and rear windshields. It doesn't get much use in San Diego! The rear windshield worked as I expected. On the front windshield, only the drivers side worked. Exactly one half of the...
  7. bromhead

    Tire Pressure and TPMS

    Any idea what the pressure threshold is for the TPMS warning light to activate (OEM 19inch)? I must be right near the limit, lights come on after a day of skiing (in the parking lot) and go out 1/2 hr later never to return. Sorry if this has been covered before (i also dont have access to my...
  8. bromhead

    1st prolonged experience off road with my lr4

    After an embarrassingly long time, @ 5months, I finally had the opportunity to wheel a bit in the Anza Borrega area this weekend. A few of us separated from the group we were with and ventured out. I swapped passengers a few times and everyone was impressed on how solid the vehicle felt through...
  9. bromhead


    Did anyone upgrade their iPhones while owning a LR4? Just curious if it was trouble free, or if you needed to wait for an update from LR to use all the functions of the new phone (wired and Bluetooth) Right now, my iPhone 4 works flawlessly with my 2012 lr4....Unsure if i want to be an early...
  10. bromhead

    Reserve light, distance to empty....

    Typically, how much fuel is left when the reserve light comes on? My car is still fairly new, but I typically end up putting @18 gallons in her when I fill up. Yesterday, I had averaged around 13.5mpg, and had about 30 miles until empty on the computer. I put in 18.3g. A quick google...
  11. bromhead

    thule aeroblades and fit kit

    Hi, I saw the previous thread regarding the fit kit: In my case, the anchors seem to be to large. They are 1.31inches long, which is just slightly to big to fit into the rails (and yes, i am trying in the rail...
  12. bromhead

    New LR4

    Happy Father's Day to me. Here are some quick shots of what I brought home on Sat morning. Thank you Chrysler Lemon Law department! I will take some better pictures later. Does everyone have the orange/yellow wiper blades? I initially thought this was left over from shipment, but that...
  13. bromhead

    flexible loadspace protector

    I have seen the posts regarding loadspace protector vs the loadspace rubber mat. Does anyone have the flexible loadspace protector (the one that looks like a tarp)? Any comments? Is it worth it, vs simply buying a cheap tarp from Home Depot? I go camping a lot and this seemed like a good...
  14. bromhead

    Buying a LR4 101..

    Hi, Hopefully in the next few weeks the vehicle I want will be in and I can sign the papers. I have locked the selling the price. I am curious as to what other options LR typically tries to up-sell during the signing process. When I bought a jeep last year, they offered a prepaid...
  15. bromhead

    Yakima or Thule Box

    What is the longest yakima or thule box you can put on top of a lr4 before it interferes with the rear hatch? Any preference on mounting set ups? Thule or Yakima, aeroblade/whisperbar, standard, LR OEM, etc Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  16. bromhead

    Ebony interior

    How have the black/ebony interiors held up? Excessive fading/cracking? I prefer black, but the tanned/ebony interior might hold up better. In the market for a new LR, thanks for any feedback Sorry for the duplicate post (lr4 forum)
  17. bromhead

    ebony interior

    Has anyone had an ebony interior for a few years? How does it wear? Curious about any fading or if its showing any cracks. I prefer the look, but the nice thing about the lighter colors is that it sometimes shows wear a bit better. Thank you.
  18. bromhead

    buying a new lr4

    Going the lemon law route with my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am looking at a 2012 LR4...probably a HSE with CCP, SAT and Heavy Duty. What services did anyone use to get a good rate? I have membership in USAA and Costco. It worked well for buying the Jeep, unfortunately the post sale...

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