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    AJ126 Differences Jaguar vs Land Rover

    I was wondering if there was any JLR techs here that knew the differences between the 3.0l aj126. From what I have seen the drive system and oil pan/pickup tube are the only differences. I need a new engine, and the jaguar seem more plentiful.
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    2016 LR4 Negative battery terminal

    Try LR056111
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    I got my second letter as well.
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    2016 LR4 Coolant Crossover, Water Pump, Thermostat Replacement

    I am in the middle of this job. For those of you who upgrade your intercooler pump I have the info to create your own harness instead of splicing in. I will also share some info for doing the valve cover gaskets. Mercedes parts 230-540-00-81 Coupling x1 008-545-63-26 Plug x2 000-545-68-80...
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    2016 LR4 - Genuine Trailer Harness help

    Dont the 3 connectors connect to the factory ones inside of the interior on the right side? and then the single connector going out to the 7 way plug?

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