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  1. 777AIA

    Deciding on new bumper/winch...

    Does anybody know if the Devon 4x4 "DDS Discovery 1 Discreet Winch Mount SKU: LRB9104" which is spec'd for the Disco1 will work on the Disco2?? I really like the discrete winch mount, and have little need for the big heavy duty bumpers. When I get stuck, I am stuck in deep sand... the bumpers...
  2. 777AIA

    Fuel smell

    I have been chasing a fuel odor in my 2000 Disco 2. Checked lines, fittings, gas cap and tank. Is there a relief vent on these D2’s? I haven’t found one... Anybody else chased this problem down? If it is sitting a while, I can smell it in the cabin. But for some reason not when driving...
  3. 777AIA

    Worth upgrade LR3 to LR4?

    I found a nicely priced LR4 w/ 42K mi, and almost jumped in thinking I’d sell my 90k mi LR3, but realized I’m not gonna get much for it. Is the LR4 worth another $23K to me? Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. 777AIA

    Has been hacked?

    Every time I click on a link from my iphone directing me to the forum home pages, funny things start happening on my phone with bad links resulting. Is it just me? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. 777AIA

    Plastic parts falling off:Heat

    So, I am learning that, although well designed... The LR3 (mine is 2008 LR3 HSE) was probably not set up like her desert cousins. I am in Phoenix, and have my car regularly planted (parked) in baking Phoenix sun. My plastic parts (acrovyn?) are popping off all over the place, and black coatings...
  6. 777AIA

    Help with parts - LR3

    This image has what I'm looking for to add to my '08 LR3. Skid plate, front bumper and protection bar, expedition rack. But, this stuff is impossible to find! Racks are out of stock or not built anymore, protection bars are non-existent, and there are so many skid plates I don't know which fit...

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