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    **FS: Kelty Green River 4 & CampRight SUV Tent - ATL Area***

    Greetings all... Looking to upgrade to a larger tent and sold the LR3. The family is simply taking up too much room and the Jeep I bought does not work very well with the SUV tent. I am offering my two tents for sale. Both are in great shape. Please PM any questions or offers. Thank you...
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    Got rid of the LR3...stuff left over

    Howdy folks...the LR3 is no longer in the stable. Was a great truck that I enjoyed very much. Now that she is gone, I have some leftovers. Check out my link in the classifieds. Need to get this stuff out of my garage. Thanks...
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    Cleaning out the garage - LR3/LR4 items

    I have the following for sale (Located in the Atlanta, GA Metro area). Buyers will pay shipping that their expense. - G4 rack cowling - SOLD - Stock OE black plastic rocker guards - $50 - Stock OE plastic bumper skid - $25 - Front Land Rover mud flaps - $35 (like new) - Cargo / Dog guard...
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    LR3/LR4 low profile G4 roof rack

    SOLD. Thanks. C.
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    Selling my modified LR G4 roof rack

    Howdy folks... I wanted to offer it to you guys before I post it to the world. If any of you are interested in my low profile LR G4 Roof rack shoot me a PM. Asking $500 + shipping. Note - in order to ship it, the rack must be taken apart. Shipping through FedEx Ground. It includes all...
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    RS sliders paid for themselves this weekend >>

    Went for a nice ride wheeling in North GA. Went down this one trail just fine, coming back - whoops. Result - I scraped the top of the slider. Yep - the top. To this point, I still am amazed I did not damage the whole driver's side of the LR. It is VERY obvious, the RS slider prevented the...
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    Tow/recovery strap for LR3 - what weight rating?

    Title says it all. Any thoughts? Bigs
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    RS Sliders - installed.

    Man...what a PITA. These fuggers weigh about 100# each. Putting these on by myself proved to be challenging. Not to mention, the bolt order per the instructions is off. My advice - start the body bolts 1st, then install the M8 bolts. Much, much easier. Here are some photos. Me...
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    What has brown done for you lately??

    My RS sliders just arrived BOOYAH!!! I'll post pics when I install.
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    Long term rod mod thread.

    Can't seem to find it. Sooo...please input your thoughts here. Rod mod - worth it or not? Any long term reports? Bigs.
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    Any interest in getting a Group Buy going w/ Off Roving Sliders?

    Perhaps we could save a little coin. I am interested and will be pulling the trigger on a set of these in the near future. Anyone interested as well? I'll do the leg work and get it organized if we have the numbers. Let me know...
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    All-Terrain Tires. Let's have a conversation.

    Howdy folks.... I have been researching my head off looking for a good quality On-road / Off-Road AT tire. I finally was ready to order a set of Yokohama Geolander AT/S's when Discount Tire called me about the order stating that a Tech bulletin from Yokohama mentions not to mount their tires...
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    My dealer is AWESOME - Fuel Gauge followup

    Just got back from picking up the LR3 from the dealer. Since the rig was still under warranty, they did the work on fixing the fuel gauge issue. The problem turned out to be both front and rear fuel senders They replaced both and my girl got a clean bill of health. Now for the...
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    Crazy Cooper Zeon Tire deal...

    Can this be right? $138 each for a Cooper Zeon LTZ (285/40/18). Am I seeing this right? I think I need to order a set.
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    CB Radio installs

    Hey All... I searched and only found one thread regarding CB's. Anybody have any recommendations? I realize HAM is the way to go, but most of the folks I wheel with have traditional radios. TIA.
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    TRIP REPORT: Got the LR3 out today - AWESOME -

    Hey all... While I have been on some rather simple trails, they paled in comparison to what I hit today. Narrow, rock strewn, trees down, wash out ruts, the works. It was AWESOME. I was invited to tag along with some of the Jeep & Land Cruiser folks from the ExpoPortal forum to tour some...
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    Steering "pull" from road ruts - need feedback

    Hey all...I need some feedback from others. My steering seems to be "catchy" lately. Meaning, ruts, bumps, etc seem to catch the steering and will **** the wheel. Only at low speed... That said, think I have wear in the bushings, or perhaps the steering tie rods? Just seem to notice this...
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    New trailer hitch concept/idea

    I am moving forward with this concept. If you take off the plastic cap on the bumper and look carefully at the recovery point, it is simply a welded flange onto the bumper. My plan - remove the flange and weld in a receiver hitch that will be used for towing as well as a recovery point when...
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    G4 Rack: refrurb update

    G4 Rack: refurb update After a few hours of disassembling, sanding, painting....more sanding :hmpf:, and then some reassembly...not too shabby if I say so myself. I am making some custom fitted caps for the open ends and a cross bar to finish it off. Then, some low profile off-road Aux...
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    Busy day with the LR today...

    Got the LR3 back from the shop. Roof glass replaced. All good - mostly. Installer lost all the roof rail bolt plugs and scratched up one of the rails. Wunderbar. :hmpf: Sooo...took it upon myself to prep and paint the rails flat black. Looks AWESOME. Will likely continue the look on the G4...
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    Potential group buy - gauging interest: Headlight protction film / Roof glass film

    Hey everyone - I am good friends with the gent who owns Lamin-X protection films. Site - I know for a fact he offers headlight protection films for the LR3, but am inquiring into a sheet application for the LR3 roof glass. If he could make this, would anyone be...
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    Roof glass.....damn.

    Went on a trip with the fam a week or so ago. The trip is about 4 hours one way. During the return trip, I heard a loud "WHACK". Sounded like a rock bounced off the roof. A the time, I thought nothing of it. That is...until I went to mount the roof rack. Sure enough there is a pock mark...
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    Want... -2006 "flat" 10 spoke wheels...

    Yep...I'll even trade my 2007 "grooved" spoke wheels. If you have a set you want to sell, cool. If you have a set you would like to trade - even better. Call me crazy, but I like the look better and could care less about mine. FWIW - my set is perfect. No rash or problems. PM me if you...
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    Roof rack lighting...suggestions?

    With the purchase of my rack, I am looking for some suggestions on some low-profile Aux lighting. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Big time - Craigslist SCORE!!!

    I hop on Craigslist and score a G4 LR Expedition Rack for $475!!! Story - Local guy buys an absolutely LOADED 2006 LR3, but takes all the doodads off. The rack has been in his basement for 3 years. In great shape. :biggrin: Mod - I will be cutting it down to be a low-profile rack. Likely...

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