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    Rearview Mirror Covers

    I really want to replace our sun-damaged mirror covers with the bright finish covers shown as accessories in our 2015 LR Brochure. According to LR’s online parts catalogue the bright finish fits only ‘16 to ‘22 models and I need the paint-to-match covers used from ‘14-‘17. I do see that the...
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    Air vent trim removal

    Does the plastic trim just pull straight out of the fender? I’ve pulled pretty hard without success.
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    Rear Crossover (Heater Manifold) failure mode?

    So, I have now managed to follow the orange coolant streaks forward from the driver’s side rear oxygen sensor harness all the way to the infamous rear crossover manifold, which is sticky but dry around the heater valve. Over the last 4 years we have added perhaps a pint of the orange coolant...
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    Sensor 1 Bank 1 access SVC6

    So, we finally got an appointment with LR for the extended warranty replacement of this sensor. The LR shop manual calls for removing the exhaust pipe from header to crossmember. Looks to me like it is accessible by removing the plastic splash shield. Do they really remove the exhaust? I do...
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    Suspension tuning

    Experimenting a bit with front camber and toe-in settings after replacing a LCA. How much toe-in does LR specify? Camber? How much in inches or millimeters?
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    Coolant drip from mid O2 sensor connector

    Just finishing up with the LCA replacement and I notice a drop of moisture back by the center diff. Tasted it...definitely ethlene glycol. Looking up for the source I notice the connector for the middle O2 sensor is damp. The front of the LR was elevated and the driveway is inclined a bit so the...
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    P0030-00 (68) Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction

    So, before I dive into this problem I thought I’d ask here for any wisdom/experience. ‘15 LR4 with 54K miles. Could she have gotten this at the car wash? Cleared it twice but it keeps popping up.
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    P0030-00 (68) Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction

    So, before I dive into this problem I thought I’d ask here for any wisdom/experience. ‘15 LR4 with 54K miles. Could she have gotten this at the car wash? Cleared it twice but it keeps popping up.
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    Anyone have a LRT 54-027 Ball Joint Remover?

    Would like to buy or rent even. Removing the LCA’s on my 2015 LR4 and I’m tired of beating on the knuckle.
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    Lower Control Arm ball-joint

    Anyone ever press one of these out? My press is only a 12 ton. I put a chassis ear transmitter on the rear bushing and another on the lower ball-joint. It is the ball joint that is knocking. At 55k now of course I want to replace both bushings while doing the ball-joint. That ball-joint looks...
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    Jarring noise on washboard roads

    Our 2015 with 55k miles is really unpleasant to drive on washboard dirt or gravel roads. I’m well aware of the LCA bushing issue and the fact that we are well past the 40k where it begins to show. It bothers me that I cannot pry the LCA back and forth enough to see much wear or use the full-lock...
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    Possible windshield prep?

    Any tips on anything I could do to prep the LR before the Safelite guy arrives? I requested someone who has LR experience, but we’ll see. Guess I’ll study the repair manual today. Particularly nervous about the wipers and RV mirror unit.
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    Bright finish mirror caps

    My 2015 LR4 brochure calls out pn VPLAB0132 but the online vendors say that is for 2016-2019. Should I just buy from a dealer who has the official info?
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    PN for LR4 belly pan bolts, front center?

    I know they are easily replaced at the hardware store but prefer OEM.
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    Our 2015 LR4 is showing beginning to show the basecoat on the upper surface of the mirrors after 4 years of El Paso sun. Any suggestions, aside from covered parking?
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    Fuel additives for a TFSI engine?

    Just wondering how folks feel about the importance of additives like Techron and V10 in a direct injection gasoline engine. A side question: why does the oil get so black? It rivals my diesel in that respect.
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    O2 sensor heaters offline

    So, 2015 LR4 at just over 40k and it failed emissions today for O2 heaters inactive. The IID Tool live values confirmed both banks off though no CEL is displayed. My first thought was fuses but all three were good with 12 volts present. Why both banks? Ideas?
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    Brake pad sensor function

    Trying to avoid buying new sensors for upcoming brake pad change. Does the sensor trigger when it first contacts the disc or does it trigger when worn through?
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    TFSI fuel additives?

    We have always paid extra for Shell V10 or Chevron Techron (high octane of course) but are these additives just a waste of money with direct injection motors like the SVC6?
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    Intelligent Start/Stop battery

    is this battery a standard size available somewhere other than Land Rover? Our 2015 is ready for a replacement. I would probably just ignore it but the SO actually likes the ISS system.
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    Voltage display?

    It has been awhile since the system voltage has been displayed on the instrument panel. Is there a setting for this? I find nothing in the manual. 2015 LR4
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    JLR Parts catalog?

    just wondering if there is something equivalent to ***'s ETKA out there.
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    Intelligent Start/Stop MIA

    i totally realize most of us would love to have this problem. But the SO wonders why the system is not functioning anymore. This is a 2015 with 20k milea. No warning lights, no faults stored. We did a config restore with the IID tool as recommended by GAP. No change. I did measure the...
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    Remote Start?

    Has anyone retrofitted this UK option on an LR4? IIRC it is listed in Topix.

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