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  1. Rover Range

    Best way to clean out sunroof drains

    Carefully blow out from either end. You can cut the convoluted end off the drains behind the fender vents. Stuff tend to back up at this restriction.
  2. Rover Range

    New Start Button problem LR4

    Bad switch.
  3. Rover Range

    Air Suspension Compatibility...

    The electrical connectors -on the Sport- control a solenoid in the strut. This is to change damping based on driving conditions. The strut its self is basically the same.
  4. Rover Range

    Rear brake pad weirdness and EPB repair mutterings

    The slide pins are not the problem. The clips that the pads sit in are corroded. Not allowing the pads to slide freely in the caliper bracket.
  5. Rover Range

    Water leak from dome light?

    Sometimes the rear drain tubes will have slight bow- upwards- that can cause the sunroof not to drain. You can cut an inch off the hose and reinsert it on the barbed fitting.
  6. Rover Range

    Timing chain - advice - sigh

    Where was the timing chain checked, through the oil filler cap? If the engine is not rattling, don't mess with it.
  7. Rover Range

    TAKATA Recall incentive

    FYI. If you have an open recall for the TAKATA air bag on you RR. JLR has a $200 incentive for you to have it done. Vehicles covered: Land Rover Range Rover (eligible for Safety Recall P081, P082, P083, or P084) Model Year: ................. 2007-2012 VIN: ...
  8. Rover Range

    Vacuum Question

    Nothing needs to be done. The top pic is a revised coolant bypass hose. Bottom pic is normal too. Neither one is open, where you circled.
  9. Rover Range

    Quick Brake Change Tool Question

    Caliper slide pin can be either 15mm or 17mm. A pair of channel locks will work too. Caliper bracket bolts is 21mm 12 point.
  10. Rover Range

    Dealership Multi-Point Inspection INSANE Recommendations!

    The dealership is just covering their a$$. If you took it somewhere else - after you had the recall done- and they pointed all that stuff out. You would be raising hell at the dealership. No? You do not have to approve anything you don't want. Just my $0.02
  11. Rover Range

    Rattling/Vibrating/Grinding/Ringing noise when turning at low RPM

    The latest bulletin from Land Rover states to remove the bracket all together. Bulletin LTB01091 A revised heat shield is required for 2017-19MY vehicles with V6 3.0L S/C Petrol; 2018-19MY vehicles with V8 5.0L S/C Petrol - only Transmission heatshield (LR106479) is required.
  12. Rover Range

    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    Check the motor mounts. Collapsed motor mounts will cause the engine cooling fan to get stuck on the fan shroud and not turn. With the engine off, turn the fan by hand a see how easy it turns. Should be some slight resistance, but not a lot.
  13. Rover Range

    Auxiliary chain and sprocket change

    Cool. Just put some rags in the oil pan, in case you drop something. Also, you can shorten the torx bolt a couple mm to make reassembly easier. You would also need the tool to reset the fuel pump drive timing.
  14. Rover Range

    high pitched brief squealing coming from engine

    Could be the A/C compressor clutch making the noise. Look at the clutch and see if it is rusty. See if you can duplicate it with the A/C off.
  15. Rover Range

    Auxiliary chain and sprocket change

    It's been a while. But, if I remember, I used a pair of pliers to turn the bolt all the way out until it was tight against the lower cover. Then was able to pry it out with the guide. Why are you changing the chain?
  16. Rover Range

    Auxiliary chain and sprocket change

    It is possible. The torx bolt will come out. But it is no easy task. Some new curse words will be invented during the removal process. Still beats pulling the engine and removing the oil pan and bed plate.
  17. Rover Range

    AC Vents Blowing Hot on Passenger Side - 2011 Range Rover

    Low freon charge will cause this.
  18. Rover Range

    Charging System Fault

    An overlay is a perfectly fine repair. Keep on trucking.
  19. Rover Range

    Charging System Fault

    There's a fusible link at the positive battery cable- the small single wire that is bolted to the terminal. For the Battery Monitoring System Tug on it and see if it comes apart. Land Rover has a repair kit for this. Part # LR057241
  20. Rover Range

    2008 LR2 No crank no start

    The vehicle "crash status" has to be reset. Probably a dealer function.
  21. Rover Range

    Gas Flange Recall Service

    Don't take you vehicle to the dealership with a full tank of gas.
  22. Rover Range

    AJ126 Differences Jaguar vs Land Rover

    The engines are the same. Possible differences: Oil pan as mentioned, variable oil pump and coolant pipes.
  23. Rover Range

    "Air Suspension Not In Customer Mode" when trying to calibrate

    True. Driving over 30mph with return take the suspension out of tight tolerance mode.
  24. Rover Range

    05 LR3 transmission trouble

    Believe it or not. Not using OEM tail light bulbs can cause the issue you described. I have seen it many times before. The tail lights are wired into the same circuits as the trans.

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