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  1. joey

    Used Disco buying tips

    You might find an LR3 in your price range in today's market, but it may be tough. Vehicles are selling at dumb money. I will say I think prices are on the downturn as the economy and fuel prices are hurting people. So deals may be had. I would start looking and test driving off of facebook...
  2. joey

    Interior Smell - 2011 Range Rover

    Have you changed the cabin filter? I would start there, then I would Febreze the Rover several days in a row and hope it helps.
  3. joey

    2011 Range Rover sport Wont start

    If overheated, probably blown head gasket - Possible warped head or block. Sounds like you may need to visit a Rover Mechanic with the proper Computer to look at systems.
  4. joey

    2003 Land Rover Discovery

    If I were to guess (keep in mind hard to diagnose some issue without seeing a vehicle) I would say you have a bad coil pack. One pack does odds, one does evens.
  5. joey

    2006 Range Rover suspension fault

    Correct - I should have said Jack Stands, I don't even consider working on a vehicle without them.
  6. joey

    2006 Range Rover suspension fault

    Sorry to hear that. If you have tools at home, most of this can be replaced in a garage with a good jack.
  7. joey

    New to the Group - 2011 LR322 SC

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. joey

    2006 Range Rover suspension fault

    If original air bags, they may have finally let the air out. If you hear the compressor and nothing seems to work, that would be my guess. Also the compressor will run till it dies in this case.
  9. joey

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to the forum. The 4.4 engine is probably one of the best in a Rover.
  10. joey

    Disco L319 engine swap for 3.6 V8 diesel

    I sadly do not no much around engine swaps. I try to keep things as stock as possible. After going down this rabbit hole before, I find that swaps tend to cause all kinds of other fun, mostly around computers and how they interact.
  11. joey

    Stop power from turning off automatically when engine off?

    Not possible as far as I know. Best option is to bring a battery powered Radio.
  12. joey

    2012 Range Rover Sport HSE LUX Battery Replacement

    Yes install it yourself it is easy if you have ever installed a battery before. Not sure why they think it needs a pro to install.
  13. joey

    Are diesel Range Rovers any good?

    Any modern Diesel vehicle must be driven at least monthly at a speed in excess of 60mph for at least an hour to maintain the cleaning system which sadly is a very expensive item to repair/replace when it goes bad. So it really depends on your use case.
  14. joey

    Battery/alternator issues - do these voltages look healthy?

    Sounds like a bad battery to me.
  15. joey

    What is the best place to order RR maintenance genuine & aftermarket parts

    Atlantic British RockAuto Rovers North
  16. joey


    Welcome to the forum. Glad you posted an intro.
  17. joey

    2010 Range Rover Sport - Driver Side Mirror Cap

    Give Nathan a call in my signature he knows several Rover parts places (used). Just know he is Eastern Time Zone.
  18. joey

    Differential (F&R) and Transfer Case Fluid change OEM equivalent recommendations

    If you have the tools, and can dispose of the old fluids, it isn't a hard job. Just remember to loosen the fill hole before draining. If you can't fill it don't drain it :) As far as fluids go I have used RP in several vehicles over the years it is expensive, but seems to be good. I have also...
  19. joey

    Driver's Ergonomics

    Give Nathan a call in my Signature, he buys/sells/and restores all makes/models of Rovers and I am sure this has come up. He should have a solution for you.
  20. joey

    Hi from Spain

    Welcome to the forum. Love the older Rovers.
  21. joey


    Welcome to the forum. Glad someone's post on the forum helped you out.
  22. joey

    2011 RR HSE gearbox, shift will not stay in park

    Sounds like either a loose shifter linkage or a bad park sensor. Shouldn't be too hard, take center console apart (about an hour, adjust or replace switch, then an hour to put things back together).
  23. joey

    Quinton from Idaho

    Welcome to the forum.
  24. joey

    Stuck in Reverse!

    This issue sadly is not many people own the Evoque and post on the forums. I am not a mechanic by trade nor are very many of the forum members. I would also look on to see if anyone has seen this issue. Remember to goal of any forum is to help, even if that means sending you...

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