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  1. mmbirtcher

    Top of Door Panel Damage

    The top of the doorsill material is wrinkling up. It was a bit wrinkled when I picked it up 2 years ago, but worse now. I don’t think the sun is helping. Anyone else with the issue? Solutions? I’ve thought about getting the Melville & Moon seat covers and asking for a piece of material to put...
  2. mmbirtcher

    Quick Brake Change Tool Question

    I was about to change my front brakes when I got to the calipers and discovered that none of my flat wrenches were actually skinny enough to get on the inner part of the nut. I want successful tracking down a skinny wrench (15mm?) at Lowes either. All my wrenches are Craftsman. Any specific...
  3. mmbirtcher

    Dealership Multi-Point Inspection INSANE Recommendations!

    I dropped of my LR4 the other day for the fuel tank flange repair. A couple interesting things from that convo - I asked if they would check and advise in the DTC I am getting regarding air fuel mixture and they said sure, for $209. I said I pass, thanks. They then did it anyway (for free) as...
  4. mmbirtcher

    Service Schedule

    I had found the service schedules that Atlantic British posted for some LRs, but they had never done the one for the LR4, so I took their model and made one. I also included info on it from the FSM based on the "Arduous" schedule as almost all of us in NA will meet those conditions and its good...
  5. mmbirtcher

    Coolbox Install

    I picked up a Coolbox from a yard that was tested prior to me getting it. When i connected it to the LR4, it briefly came on then stopped. The switch was also briefly illuminated. Checked the fuse, which appears good - although I’ll switch it out anyway. The plug from the car has no power. I...
  6. mmbirtcher

    Anyone Have this Service Manual?

    I happened across this online and was about to pull the trigger. Anyone else downloaded this? Im particularly interested in the service check sheets.
  7. mmbirtcher

    Temp Sensor in Battery Box

    I just swapped out my H7 for an H8 and found something in th battery box area that I wondered about? Apparently it’s an outside temp sensor? The connection looks a bit DIY rigged also?
  8. mmbirtcher

    Dead Battery Mark Twain NF

    We are camped in Mark Twain NF with a now dead battery. Jumped twice, and car wouldn’t stay running. No issues until dead battery. Arranging for a tow (luckily not too deep in the woods) and possibly battery replacement. I assume the car wouldn’t stay running since the battery is probably...
  9. mmbirtcher

    Sun Visor for Nav Screen

    Does anyone know of a sun visor screen for the LR4 nav screen. I’ve seen one somewhere for LR3 but not LR4.
  10. mmbirtcher

    Shop in St. Louis?

    Can anyone recommend a great independent shop in the St Louis area? GLB Motorworks is a few block from me and I’ve seen Rovers, Jags, Audis, and Mercedes there regularly, but know nothing about them. Thanks!

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