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    Hard suspension 2018 Discovery Diesel

    Bock lives under 500 foot elevation hence not a elevation pressure altitude issue. Pay the ripoff prices and have Nitrogen installed but first have the tyres deflated then filled a couple times to purge out most of what's left being 22% oxygen along with mixed gasses and moisture which should...
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    Hard suspension 2018 Discovery Diesel

    Correction needed Brock, your a woman or lady and not a girl respectifully speaking. I'm surprised there was a spring conversion replacement available vs dealing with airbags unless airbags were an option and coil springs as standard equipment? Considering diesel engines weigh more than gas...
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    Jaguar Land Rover Has Big Goals To Achieve By 2030

    With no replacement of older nuclear power plants plus the increase of electrical power demand everyone owning new electrically powered gadgets including 100% electrically heated new home construction. Where is all this increased power demand coming from? Coal, oil and natural gas generating...
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    The history of the Land Rover Discovery

    My opinion, after being roped into replacing heads on a "as-is" not running auctioned LR4 a friend had to have purchased dirt cheap. Once up and running he knows i'll never touch a 5.0 again. All said and done this friend later offered me a direct swap for my 95 Disco. Nope not as a free gift...
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    Buying an LR4 from a Buick dealer?? Please help

    Buick dealership, I bet this was a trade in vehicle along with Buick mechanics clueless about LR's being not trained by LR schooling. Third party extended warranty coverage, read the small print as there is a lot not covered by them and don't forget labor is on you be it a $50 part "free...
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    2006 Range Rover suspension fault

    Jacks are a death wish, get yourself a set of four jack stands like example purchase 4 ton each vs purchase 3 ton standsyou see at Harbor Freight and most at discount stores. Another plus 4 ton also lift higher avoiding having the stands extended to their maximum elevation. Hein Werner 1 1/2...
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    Hard suspension 2018 Discovery Diesel

    Had to ask not owning a LR Disco with air suspension but springs. Have you driven other 2018 Discoveries th compare your Disco if it is normal this "hard ride" condition? Binding shock which if happened would be one not both at once at one end of vehicle? Had me thinking too much air pressure in...
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    Genuine New Front Crossover Pipe Defects

    With Tata stating they turned around their investment now owning JLR their main company investment. Funny read Ratan being "humilated by Ford". Also the remark "Ford about bankrupt", that there was another comeback stab at Ford. Back in 03 I replaced the manual antenna for the 95 Disco, LR...
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    Genuine New Front Crossover Pipe Defects

    Reading this thread also knowing a person's brother working at the Ford Engine Machine Shop several years before Ford purchased LR. There never was a "Ford Engine" installed in any LR. As mentioned above a engine building machine shop working off LR's Engineering Specs the their engine design on...
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    Genuine New Front Crossover Pipe Defects

    This is sad that LR keeps on producing defective replacement parts knowing there are issues considereing they are special and expensive vehicles that have loyal LR owners and followers of several years, decades also. Sure bet several decades ago LR's being basic simple also trouble free, let's...
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    Driver's Ergonomics

    Ya got me beat by 102 lbs., same height I must add. This reminds me of Jerry Rice, I saw him a couple times as we both had the same chiropractor years ago. Jerry was driving a 944 Porsche, it looke odd Jerry seated as if in the back seat of the two set Porsche. Jerry had rails relocating the...
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    Driver's Ergonomics

    Not a clue about smaller wheels. Had to ask, manual or power steering something to consider going smaller diameter? No not a small welded chrome chain wheel like the Low Riders LOL. Up down thigh clerance or front to back belly clearance? Long legs another one to consider hence the added...
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    Driver's Ergonomics

    I have a "rather large friend" (too round also tall) with seating issues in several of his vehicles. Not with any LR products but older BMW's and GM SUV's i've used 3/8" tick x 2 1/4" wide cold rolled steel strips, drilled holes matching the floorboard to secure strips. Once seating position...
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    Swaying motion at rear of car

    This a solid rear axle vehicle, and if so there is a panhard bar that secures the rear diff (axle) from shifing left and right mounted to the frame, oops I mean body? Check every piece of it if it has a center pivot link for anything broken, loose or worn. Worn or broken rubber bushing cause a...
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    Quick Compressor Replacement Question

    The "LR genuine" replacemt parts are meanigless, more like whatever they have in stock of their oredered replacement item ends up deleived to the dealereship. I ordered a "geunine LR" manual radio antenna for a six year old vehicle. Plastic package had "genuine LR" all over it. The rubber...
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    Massive oil leak 4.6 front timing cover area

    Check the oil pump and if good no wear clean it up along with cover and assemble. Use plastic or anything softer than aluminum cleaning the machined surfaces. No chisel or razor blade damaging machined surfaces. Be sure to center the cover, by this an equal gap around the cover hole for the...
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    Massive oil leak 4.6 front timing cover area

    Just one example of "Top Hat" liners securing the liner never fearing of failed head gaskets along with liner slip issues. Another company with "Top Hat" liners that also have O-ring groove in the liner preventing coolant into the oil should the block's thin coolant passages have any fractures...
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    Selling the LR4

    Found this rather interesting:
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    1200 RPM Hum

    Is there a reason why the heat shield "legs" can't be bolted together again as well reinforced, made better than original? Another result of a part touched by the"Bean Counters"......~~=o&o>.......
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    non-decorative-capped lugnut availability?

    No "misfortune", nobody touches any my vehicles including the LR of 23 years and counting. Caps not swelled up, nuts fall out of the 6 point socket. Torqued to near spec numbers. Those are steelie cone nuts above, people should make sure they are buying flat seated washered nuts when ordering...
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    Leaking in car ruined my interior, and fried my electrical!!!

    I'd be giving your atorney a call and heads up about the leaking issue and hope to get a third failure to fix then apply the Lemon Law on it. My LR while waiting for an engine replacement of five weeks sat in a lot facing downhill along with the driver's sunroof open in the rain. I stopped by a...
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    non-decorative-capped lugnut availability?

    What seems to be the problem with stainless capped OEM lug nuts? Reson asking I have mint original capped nuts 22 years 3 months with zero issues with a six point not 12 point socket removing and torquing to spec. Only additional thing starting with 1,000 grit to 1,500, 2000 then 3000 grit...
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    Quick Compressor Replacement Question

    LR should of made a note stating preventive maintence to replace filters by 4 or 5 years time or X amount of miles before having a total failure issue at 10 years then it was too late. I bet by the 4-5 year time period it was due to be replaced not your 10 with total failure time. Hell might as...
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    Massive oil leak 4.6 front timing cover area

    Worse case a damaged cover, i'd pull one out of Pick-n-Pull ahead of time or whatever is in your area for a backup cover vs Stealership or LR parts supply company ouch prices. By this also check the used cover's oil pump vs yours which one has tighter pump gear clearances including lapping the...

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