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    Any Bosch 4306 Platinum plus 2 spark plug reviews for the 4.0 & 4.6 engines?

    It's been several years running Champion plugs and was told back in 2000 to only use Champion plugs made especially for and only sold at LR dealerships. I say BS to that as Champs from auto parts stores look and functioned identically and at 1/3 the cost. I did not find any different brands of...
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    94 to 98 D1 front brake rotor to hub external Torx socket size?

    Remove rotors from hubs from the D1 parts stash. Can not find any where what size Torx socket they look to be unless it's a 12 point 14 mm socket instead?. I was told they were Torx hence why asking. THX in advance.....~~=o&o>.....
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    94, 95 to 96 era factory D1 rear sway bar & rear spring diameter measurements

    Anyone have a minute with a caliper and measure their Disco so I can establish what the factory stock coil springs and sway bar diameters are? Rear springs should be around 14 mm to 16 mm diameter range, rear sway bar my guess around the 23 mm range. Recently gifted a 94 D1 (bad engine) that has...
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    95 D1 clutch pedal freeplay adjustment?

    I'm presently without my Rover mechanic's and parts department manuals. Wanted to know if there is an adjustment for the clutch rod length or eccentric at the pedal allowing removing or adjusting excessive pedal movement before the fluid return port is closed off to apply pressure to the *****...

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