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  1. Nick11LR4

    Remind Me Again Why We Love These Things?

    Would love to see some pics with all the mods. I’m more like mm3846 at this point, only have the 255/60s but could see getting more into the mods you have down the line.
  2. Nick11LR4

    LR4 Transmission Fluid Change: Pan Swap Option

    Yea that’s what I was guessing, seems worth the few extra minutes then. Will try your suggestion on the tools too. Thanks
  3. Nick11LR4

    LR4 Transmission Fluid Change: Pan Swap Option

    Love this thread, just bought the conversion kit from AB and should be here this weekend. Plan on using on my 2011 LR4 128k miles that is having some juddering issues and 50 rpm fluctuations when cruising. Reading this has made my planning it out much easier than just the AB video. One...
  4. Nick11LR4

    2011 LR4 New Owner Questions

    Planning on doing some off road excursions, have my eye on the Continental TerrainContact A/T as seemed a good balance of daily driver while still confident in the north GA mountains. Have the 19", might look into the 18 but need to put some time between all this initial work and then. Thanks...
  5. Nick11LR4

    2011 LR4 New Owner Questions

    Proud new owner of a 2011 LR4 HSE with 127k miles here. Wife and I loved the thing from the moment we looked at our first one and for some reason had never considered before now. Engineer by profession (but rookie mechanic) and figured anything in our price range was going to need work, why not...

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