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    2006 LR3 Christmas tree - dark instrument panel - then dead

    I just had a frightening thing happen at night on a busy freeway- The dash did its Christmas tree of warnings on the instrument panel (before it went completely dark...) Transmission fault indications... then it just died. After I took it to a shop and they pronounced it fine - good charging...
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    Unwelcome Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

    After a fantastic round trip through the Rockies last season I've been experiencing unusual, unexpected and unwelcome intervention of the DSC or Dynamic Stability Control when I navigate sweeping turns. The phenomenon manifests itself by activating the brakes (loud grumbling) and generally...
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    Online Land Rover parts

    I'm starting to search for lower control arms to replace my 70K old clunkers (literally). I've found them on,, and Have you had experience with these or others in terms of quality, service, support, etc? Are there others that you would recommend?
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    Slack drivers side seatbelt

    My drivers side seat belt tensioner seems to have given up the fight. I have to throw the buckle onto the seat as part of my exit from the vehicle so it doesn't get slammed by the door. I've pulled it all the way out and checked to see if the belt is folded over but it seems to be fine. It also...
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    All-Terrain tire options for an HSE?

    I have a 2006 HSE and am looking for an all terrain tire for occasional but serious off-roading. I’ve researched the matter starting with nwoods excellent post here and checked out some of the options for 19’’ wheels. Not much out there. I think I looked at...
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    Mileage vs. Age

    I'm close to purchasing a 2005-2007 LR3 and have a question that has me scratching my head; Which would you favor for purchase (all other things being equal) an older -2005- with fewer miles -~35K-, or a newer -2007- with more miles -~55K-? What are the advantages/disadvantages to each?

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