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  1. XxBlackout

    Moab Trail Recommendations

    Onion Creek to Thompson Canyon to La Sal Pass is a great scenic ride. Gemini Bridges. Fun trail to some epic arches. Shafer Trail. Excellent views. Long Canyon. Fun trail through the canyon. Hey Joe Canyon. Easy trail that drops to the river. This link has some great info...
  2. XxBlackout

    LR4 Accessories

    I've got a few accessories leftover from selling my LR4 if anyone is interested. A set of Weathertech liners in great condition for the front, rear seats and cargo area._$250. Also, a genuine Land Rover cargo barrier/pet barrier._$250 *I tried requesting permission to post in Classifieds but...
  3. XxBlackout

    Showoff Your LR4

    I don't have enough posts to make a thread in the Classifieds section but if anyone is searching or knows someone searching for a super clean LR4, point them in my direction. I've got it listed on local Craigslist, eBay and 2014 LR4 HSE
  4. XxBlackout

    New LR-4 Owner from St. Augustine, Florida

    Welcome! Great looking Rover
  5. XxBlackout

    Hi y'all! Newbie leaking windshield LR3 2007

    Welcome! Hope you get the drains cleared up
  6. XxBlackout

    hi guys jimmy here

    Lets see some pictures!
  7. XxBlackout

    new LR3 owner intro

  8. XxBlackout

    Showoff Your LR4

    Explored a few dirt roads this weekend. Even dirty, the LR4 still looks clean :dontknow:
  9. XxBlackout

    Hold my beer...LR4 gets stuck, goes viral

    Hopefully that tide is going out. I'd love to know the outcome
  10. XxBlackout

    Need advice on LR4 20 inch wheel tire options

    I'm on 275/55 with rods and a VERY faint rubbing at near full lock. Haven't decided if it's even worth trimming at this point.
  11. XxBlackout

    Showoff Your LR4

    My wife and I just purchased this LR4 that will be replacing my FJ Cruiser. Really looking forward to making a road trip out west in this beast and putting it through the paces!

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