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  1. Travis

    Ran low on coolant - hose came loose. What issues could engine have now? 2011 LR4

    Tim - I really struggled with the decision as well and I appreciate your opinion. And other than the engine, the body/interior was in great shape. The interior leathers especially seem to wear really good. I kept it in great shape. I didn't want to get a different vehicle either, but I needed...
  2. Travis

    Ran low on coolant - hose came loose. What issues could engine have now? 2011 LR4

    I really struggled with the decision (and still am). I thought about putting in other engines like an LS swap. I even spent about two hours online one night determining what it would take to put an electric motor and batteries to power an LR4 (I'm an electrical engineer). My decision came down...
  3. Travis

    Ran low on coolant - hose came loose. What issues could engine have now? 2011 LR4

    Pressure testing the system may have caught the issue I experienced. After I pulled over on the road, I had my Land Rover towed to a service shop, and they put the cooling system together and pressure tested the system. The service tech then started up the engine. He said it ran a little rough...
  4. Travis

    Ran low on coolant - hose came loose. What issues could engine have now? 2011 LR4

    I have a 2011 Land Rover HSE in great condition with 107,000 miles (gas 5.0L V8). I did the water pump replacement recently on my own. I took it for it's first "longer" drive (25 miles) yesterday after a couple shorter trips. During the drive on the highway, the low coolant light came on. I had...
  5. Travis

    5.0 v8 timing chains

    I have 97,500 miles on my 2011 LR4 (5.0L V8) and hopefully don't have timing chain issues. Mine has never been done. I'm the second owner for the last 22,500 miles. The original owner had the oil changed yearly at the dealership with Castrol Edge 5W-20 for the first 75,000 miles and I've had...
  6. Travis

    The Quest for A Durable Front Crossover Pipe

    My crossover pipe just failed on my 2011 LR4 with 95k miles. At least I believe it's probably the crossover pipe. I got a low coolant message a little bit ago, noticed the coolant reservoir was low, and immediately drove to my local LR dealership in Appleton, Wisconsin. They looked at the...
  7. Travis

    Random onset of shudder/shake

    M5Z3M, Thanks for the update. I'm still experiencing the "shudder/shake" periodically. It almost feels like the road is really rough (when it's not) or that a few of the wheel lugnuts are loose which they are not. This doesn't happen all the time. I can drive 15 miles and it doesn't occur...
  8. Travis

    Intermittent Charging System Fault

    Thank you for the quick reply. I guess I'll ask the Land Rover dealership if there is a software/firmware update for the ECU and the battery management control. My previous battery was fried by the alternator about 11 months ago, which is why I had the alternator rebuilt and had to put in a...
  9. Travis

    Battery and Voltage

    Daniele - could you help me understand this a little better? Should I just take my 2011 LR4 to the dealership and ask them to reset the battery status? What is the BCM and what is the BMS? I am still having the issue with my battery not charging. Not sure if it is the alternator. The new...
  10. Travis

    Intermittent Charging System Fault

    Churious, Could you help me understand the solution a little bit better? I have a 2011 LR$ with 86,000 miles. About 11 months ago my Interstate battery failed, what I later found was probably due to the alternator. I removed the alternator and had it rebuilt. Interstate let me purchase an...
  11. Travis

    Battery and Voltage

    I have a 2011 LR4 with 86,000 miles. I had to replace the Interstate battery and original alternator about 9 months ago. At the time everything seemed to go smoothly. I had the alternator rebuilt, and I replaced the 3 year old Interstate battery with an Interstate AGM (MT5-94R H7). Was I...
  12. Travis

    Random onset of shudder/shake

    I experience the occasional shuddering as well. Sometimes I slow down and it goes away and I think to myself "well it must just be the road". I had an issue with my right rear brake rotor recently basically grinding right to the metal on the outside. The brake sensor never came on, and it...
  13. Travis

    2011, 66k miles, flat battery issues

    I recently started experiencing the same battery issue on my 2011 LR4 with 86,000 miles. And similar to the original poster who started experiencing the issue right after he did the front brakes, I experienced it after replacing the front wheel bearings (coincidence?). The vehicle now starts...
  14. Travis

    front bearing replacement

    I am going to replace the front hub bearing assembly on my 2011 LR4 (85k miles). The dealership said the driver's side is going out, and I'm going to replace them both at the same time. Currently the vehicle does make a loud noise (almost sounds like tire noise as others have described) when...
  15. Travis

    LR4 problem with trailer brake/turn light

    I had the same issue on my 2011 LR4 when I hooked up my boat trailer which had LED turn signals. I had to buy a resistor (fairly large) from Radio Shack and splice it into my trailer wiring. After I did that, the LR4 recognized the trailer was connected. When the turn signals are on, a little...
  16. Travis

    LR4 with 285/55/20

    Wow Tomsquad - that's impressive that you were able to get the RR electronic dash to work with the LR4. How are you going to integrate Apple CarPlay? I'd love to do that.
  17. Travis

    Mute Backup Sensors?

    I know this is an older thread, but I'd like to mute the backup sensors on my 2011 Land Rover LR4 HSE when I have a trailer hooked up and I am reversing. I used to have a different 2011 LR4 HSE Lux and that had the Park Sensor mute button on the dash I could push and shut it off. My current...

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