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    LR4 Restricted performance, rough idle

    Hi All, my 2012 LR4 5.0L V8 started saying restricted performance 1/10 times we would start it. Local mechanic couldn’t figure it out and it would throw off codes. When this would happen, we would have 10% power, and all our systems seems to shut down (pics below). Richmond, BC, Canada LR...
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    Head unit issue

    Thanks Rich. My issue ended up being the same. I had a leak around the front windshield which pooled on the passenger side floor. The wiring for the amp is there and it corroded the wire (lucky it was just the amp wire). LR ran a new power line to the amp and problem fixed. Wasn’t cheap.
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    2012 LR4 - Clunk at low speeds in 1st gear

    Wow, thank you. Just googled and that makes sense. I also have premature tire wear on the outside edge of 3 tires. 2 front, back right. Have had it aligned multiple times. One guy found the tie rod ends were seized, and loosened them by using a torch. That really helped the overall feel and...
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    2012 LR4 - Clunk at low speeds in 1st gear

    Hey everyone, curious if anyone has had the same issue. 1st gear, slow speeds 3-10mph, it feels like I’m going over bumps in the pavement, although the road is smooth. Clunk, 2 seconds, clunk, etc. Shifting is smooth up and down, turning is fine. I noticed this over the last 2 years, dealer...
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    Rain Water Leak

    Hey there, all this just happened to me. NAV, Stereo, back up camera all stopped working. I tried hard reset, and nothing. Took it to dealer and apparently my 2012 LR4 has been leaking, and there is a puddle under the passenger side floor. (Now I see it’s a common issue). This caused the...
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    Head unit issue

    Hi there, we're almost 3 years later but I'm curious what happened here? I just had the exact same issue, and in Richmond, BC, they want $700 to tell me what part needs to be replaced, and then $2500-$4500 for either head unit (hard drive) or amplifier replacement. Thanks!

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