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  1. Rover7777

    Land Rover Evoque to Cost $44,000

    Took the evoque for a test drive today. Very sharp looking vehicle with plenty of room in front and back seats. Cargo area is small. Handles very nicely, and engine had enough power, but could always use a bit more. Overall I thought it was very nice ride. 2 negatives i had were the mirrors...
  2. Rover7777

    Land Rover Evoque to Cost $44,000

    Cherry hill had one of each last week. Today only the 3 door was on the lot. Sharp looking in person for sure. I hope to drive one this week. 55k on my LR4(although my miles have significantly decreased over the past 6 months) with no issues. j
  3. Rover7777

    P*ss poor gas mileage

    sounds like there is something wrong. Winter time i was getting 280 miles to a tank. Now i get 300+. 190 miles to a tank means you drive like a lunatic, or there is a Rover issue. jmo of course.
  4. Rover7777

    hey guys, its been a while

    I put tires and brakes on at 30k. I think alot of that has to do with how you drive. john
  5. Rover7777

    hey guys, its been a while

    Cranked out 45k miles since Sept 2010. Still going strong, no issues and still love my Rover!! John
  6. Rover7777

    2011 Lr4

    32k on my 2010 LR4, no issues.
  7. Rover7777

    Lumps of Steel In Front of the Rear Bumper?

    I think they are called load leveling dampers....using my bad memory though-)
  8. Rover7777

    LR4 Smart Key Not Found TSB

    This was a lose lose situation IMO LR loses a customer, Customer loses out on driving the LR. Although you were terribly inconvienced, they did stand behind the product and offered you a new car. I'd have to say that would have been enough for me and i can guarantee you it would not have...
  9. Rover7777

    LR4 Maintenence

    Hey lexman, instead of starting yet another thread i though i'd just follow you here. Owned my LR4 13 months. Had 30k service this week. I change the oil/filter every 7500 No issues other than pure maintenance although it was quite painful. $$$ The 30k service including the oil change was...
  10. Rover7777

    Tire Wear

    Hi, i have almost 28k on my LR4. Tires still look fine for another 5-7k although i f we have alot of snow like last winter i will probably replace them. They all look evenly worn. hope that helps. john Update:" i hit 30k on the tires this week and changed them . Went to pirellis scorpion ATR...
  11. Rover7777

    Should we listen to reliability reviews b4 buying LR4?

    1 year later, 27k miles. Awesome, no issues.
  12. Rover7777

    So confused! LR4 reliable or not??

    I've had mine a year now with no issues at all. Yeah, the radio/nav could be better, my blackberry only synced up numbers, now my evo gives me the phone book names etc so thats a big help to me... 27k miles, chsnge the oil every 7500 and put in lots of get 310 -325 on most tanks...
  13. Rover7777

    lr4 reliability ??

    I'm one year in, 27000 miles (:, no issues and still love driving it everyday. Reliability has not been an issue.
  14. Rover7777

    15,000 mile oil change?

    A few days past my one year anniversary and 27,000 miles. I've changed the oil every 7500 miles and am very happy to report no problems or issues with my LR4. Will be bringing it in for the 1yr service along with 30k oil change in a couple of weeks.
  15. Rover7777

    Avoid the 2010 LR4!

    Lr$ Well, 15k plus miles and my exp has been great. Second oil change today, a freebee at 15k.....this vehicles has been great. Disappointing to hear the story that started this thread. I do have a bit of a problem believing that you traded in the vehicle for another though, it just doesn't...
  16. Rover7777

    LR4 Accident

    Sadly i have to be the first to report on the LR4 in an accident. Scene: Saturday aftternoon, beautiful sunny day. Driving daughter to JFK airport in NY from NJ. Driving up the Verranzano bridge and got in left hand lane to go onto the Belt pkwy. Traffic backed up for about a mile. We were at...
  17. Rover7777

    Should we listen to reliability reviews b4 buying LR4?

    I have 14k on my LR4 since Sept.. My only real complaint is the small capacity gas tank. You can read my early threads/post and see that I have had no real issues at all. i love driving it. And have made new friends at the pump.-)
  18. Rover7777

    cargo space with third row

    no on the strollers behind the third row seat. soft duffle bag is about it.
  19. Rover7777

    2010 LR4 Pricing

    sounds like a great deal indeed. Congrats and keep us informed on how the truck is doing! john
  20. Rover7777


    I don't have that issue, however my phonebook will only show up with the numbers, no names. 8350i BB. There is no real fix, just compatibility issues. You might want to check with your dealer, your issue is probably fixable.
  21. Rover7777

    DIY Oil Changes Impossible & 2nd Battery

    Just a bit more info on the oil change situation. I was at the dealer today for some wipers(some idiot left the auto on when going through the car wash, and there were no survivors) and my sales guy was there telling me how my LR4 was the first oil change they have done with the suction system...
  22. Rover7777

    Is this a good price for a 2010 LR4??

    Call a couple more dealers and see if you can make a better deal...If so take the better deal to where you prefer to buy the truck. Good Luck!!
  23. Rover7777

    Is this a good price for a 2010 LR4??

    ajclay1, The best pricing i found when the LR4 first hit the dealers was 2500.00 off the list price. Since your list is higher with the plus package, black paint & rear seat entertainment, I would think you can do a little bit better than the 2500. I'm not sure what your list price is, so hard...
  24. Rover7777

    More LR4 Pictures

    Here is my Stornoway Grey/Black interior Hope that helps and thanks for being over there! john
  25. Rover7777

    Need Opinions

    I knew way more than my salesman knew at the time i bought the lr4. Mainly because of this board and and just doing DD. You would "think" they would know more, but not in todays world.

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