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    1 or 2 MAP sensors in 2010 RR 5.0 HSE (P0106)

    I've only got 1 on my 2010 rr hse. on the top of the intake just behind where the air intake attaches to the intake manifold. Regards, Jon
  2. J

    2004 Range Rover HSE stuck in low range

    Hi - I've got a 2010 hse and had similar problems with my zf6hp. Did you check the shift lever position on the transmission? for the thump and squeal I ended up needing to change the bushings to fix it as they had worn and didn't hold pressure. I replaced seals, steels and frictions while I...
  3. J

    NGK vs Bosch Ignition coils

    Try they have bosch coils for $40
  4. J

    2010 Range Rover

    I've got a 2010 RR HSE that started having transmission faults in the fall w/120k miles. The problem I had was wear on internal transmission bushings that caused pressure loss. Sonax makes a bushing kit but you have to pull the transmission and disassemble -...
  5. J

    Erratic Suspension Leak

    Norcalfarmer - I'm in Marin and have a scanner you can use for the calibration. I had a similar issue on my rr after changing struts - fixed by replacing the o-rings on air line connections to valve blocks that I had removed when replacing the air struts.
  6. J

    Torque converter bolt removal

    Ashford99, The transmission retaining bolt torque spec is 40nm and the torque converter bolts are 62nm. I used threadlocker on the torque co verter bolts. Regards, Jon
  7. J

    Torque converter bolt removal

    Ashford - I just did that job on a 2010 rr hse. There is a plug / cover on the engine side behind the torque converter. take the driver side wheel off and remove the splash guard to get to it. You'll need to turn the flex plate to line up the 4 bolts on the torque converter with the hole...
  8. J

    Anyone a iLand tool expert?

    Dave - I had the same issue with the iland app, android version. The 3rd or 4th option in the suspension list for manufacturing mode has a selection option for normal operation - that cleared the "suspension not in customer mode" for me. Regards, Jon
  9. J

    Transmission Fluid Change

    Nick - i've got similar symptoms on a 2010 rr hse with 120k miles. Vibration accelerating uphill between 1800 and 2000 rpms. Changing my transmission fluid reduced the vibration but didn't eliminate it so I swapped to a metal pan, dropped the mechatronic, replaced seals, solenoids and used a...
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    2010 upstream O2 sensor replacement - any tips?

    I've got a 2010 range rover hse and just changed my o2 sensors. The two rear and passenger side ones were easy from under the car but I couldn't reach the drivers side front sensor until I removed the exhaust. the whole project would have been faster if I had removed the exhaust at the...

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