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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    I had two shops evaluate it with seat of the pants driving. Both agreed it was the transmission, after eliminating engine misfire, mounts etc. I agreed to a teardown and inspection of the unit. The pump damage was found then. They did a complete overhaul with updated parts and a new valve...
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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    Fixed the problem. Internal transmission oil pump bushing rotated in housing. Just $$$$$ and it's ok.
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    One side of dual air control not working :( blend stepper motor??

    My 11 Range Rover had the same turned out to be low freon. The climate control system did not work if the system was low pressure.
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    Timing Reinstall - Crankshaft Won't Turn by Hand

    Any progress?
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    Engine Management Fuses

    Can't really help without a schematic. If it blows with ignition off it probably connects to a always hot buss direct to battery.
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    2016 Range Rover Supercharged Gear selector

    Usually a combination of screws and very tight clips that require that you pry harder than you like to release. Suggest you find a manual or video of you model before trying too hard.
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    No bass

    If you have the GAP tool or similar, malfunctioning speakers or amplifiers will set a fault. My '11 Range rover shows bass speakers in both front doors shorted. The others are fine. I actually never noticed an issue.
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    Charging L322 when locked?

    I will remember that. Also useful if the cable breaks.
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    Charging L322 when locked?

    Any luck? I'll look for a way in. The release cable runs along the right fender so I don't think you can access from the grill
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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    One reason I bought a Rover was to travel comfortably, have off road capability, and tow a boat or trailer. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Went for a 300 mile trip, towing a 3200 lb trailer. Went fine, and cruised at around 60 MPH. As we arrived, I noticed a tremor in second gear while...
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    Transmission (6HP28) drain and fill

    Plastic pan should have a plug. Search a bit for proper procedures for fluid fill. The required temp is not very hot. Only open fill plug with engine running!
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    Iland diagnostic tool Errors (10) AutoZone OS601 OBDII/EOBD (0)

    I think one tool supplier said there is no Rover without fault codes. If you try to start the car without a key it will set a code!
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    Iland diagnostic tool Errors (10) AutoZone OS601 OBDII/EOBD (0)

    The Auto Zone tool reads universal OBD codes common to all vehicles. Your tool has the ability to read LR specific codes.
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    Bomb Ticking under Driver Seat

    Let us know what you find. Maybe it is a common problem, we just don't know it yet!
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    Bomb Ticking under Driver Seat

    Are you using the seat heater? Some models have a fan under there.
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    2018 HSE TD6 brake controller

    For what it's worth, here is a pic of mine; 2011 Range Rover. It was on the left side, tucked into the bulkhead. It was not visible just looking up there. I took the dash apart except the air bag looking for it. Worth the effort, using the Ford style adapter the controller was plug and play.
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    WTF caused this to happen to the oil???

    California often knows what's best for it's citizens, and that extends to oil change intervals. There is a website that encourages you to extend the change interval and/or follow manufacturers directions. I imagine other governments may also monitor and encourage this...
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    Timing Reinstall - Crankshaft Won't Turn by Hand

    To be clear, you can't rotate the cams with Any piston at TDC. One or more valves will hit the piston. As was posted earlier, the crank must be at a position where no piston is at TDC, and all pistons are about half way up the cylinder or at the bottom of the cylinder. Probably best to pull...
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    Timing Reinstall - Crankshaft Won't Turn by Hand

    I have engine overhaul experience, but not with the RR 5.0, so take anything I say with that in mind. Did the engine fail by sudden loss of coolant ? How? Were the heads checked for stuck valves, warpage, cracks, etc? When the camshafts were installed, did you rotate each and check that...
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    Missing ducts for HVAC?

    While working under the dash to install a trailer brake controller, I saw what might be a missing piece of ductwork. I could see the fan under the center of the dash, and what might be a missing elbow. By the number of missing screws and buggered parts, it would not surprise me that parts...
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    Speedometer Misread w/Smaller Rims
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    Speedometer Misread w/Smaller Rims

    I think the I D tool allows you to customize tire size for speedometer calibration.
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    INSTRUMENT CLUSTER 2012 RR L322 blank, black

    Fuse, power supply, grounds?
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    Belated Introduction 2011 Range Rover

    Hello all...I have been using the forums for a few months, so I guess I should add some too. After over a year searching for a do-all vehicle, I hit upon the Range Rover. After considering, testing, driving Jeeps, Explorers, Tahoe's, Sequoia's and everything I could find. Strangely ( or maybe...
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    2011 RRS Distorted Passenger Door Speaker

    Mine too....sorry to respond years late! Both sides are barely working.