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  1. clieman

    Three amigos on and off

    Thanks Joey. Oh, BTW, the PB blaster stuff on the o2 sensors worked. Thanks. I saw the shuttle valve kit at the link and read a little bit about it. Ever seen one done? Anyone? Advisable for home mech to do it? Will need to bleed the system completly after, right?
  2. clieman

    Three amigos on and off

    Hello all. I had the notorious three lights come on about a year ago and they just stayed on steady. Never went away. Then, about a month ago, I took it to the local LR shop and told them to take a look at it with the SLABS machine. They cleared the codes and told me to come back when the...
  3. clieman

    Rough idle,stuble start

    The shop cleared the codes (at my suggestion) so the computer would get fresh codes (I had just replaced the MAF). It came back on the next day. I’m taking it tomorrow to get the codes read. BUT, should I try soaking that thing for a few days with penetrator before I dump at least 350 for the...
  4. clieman

    Rough idle,stuble start

    Hello all! I need some advice. Im am looking at a potentially very expensive repair and want to make sure that it will address the problem. I have a rough idle and it almost dies when I start it when its warm. Supposedly the O2 sensor is gone; my tech tried to "clean it" without removing it...
  5. clieman

    OEM brakes

    Does anyone know who the supplier is of genuine brake pads and rotors is for the systems on an 01 disco II? I have the three lights and everyone I talk to says I gotta use genuine pads (I got aftermarket on there now and they squeek like hell). Thanks.
  6. clieman

    ABS fault codes

    Hello All! Haven't posted for awhile, good to be back! 01 Disco II, 60k, Black. All 3 ABS lights on (TC, ABS, HDC). These are the "slabs" codes I have from a LR tech: 04.7: Right rear sensor output too low 08.4: Front Right sensor signal erratic 08.7: Rear right sensor signal erratic...
  7. clieman

    OEM Brakes

    Quick question: who makes the OEM pads for DiscoII's? I have an 01, want to buy OEM's from rovers north or atlantic british or british pacific.
  8. clieman

    Plug wires replacement

    Has anyone ever replaced the plug wires on a series II (4.0 V8 Bosch engine) disco without taking off the intake manifold? Ive herd people say it can be done, but never that anyone has actually done it. Having said that, anyone know any places in SoCal that will do the job well at a resonable...
  9. clieman

    Faulty plugs/OBDII code

    SWEET! Ok, got to read the codes. Sure enough, #4 cylinder misfire. The same wire that had the corrosion in it. Guess thats as simple an explanation as Im gonna get!
  10. clieman

    Faulty plugs/OBDII code

    DAMN! Got a chance to drive it today, started fine, good idle, started out smooth while driving. Got about halfway to my destination (about 5 miles) and felt some hesitation. Then the stupid check service engine soon light came on. Same thing happened before, but the light went away and the...
  11. clieman

    Faulty plugs/OBDII code

    Yea, what is the deal with the plugs?The ones listed in the manual aren't available anymore (at least not with that part #).And people are telling me that they are double platinum from the factory. They didnt have the champion plats at Kragen, so I ended up with bosch plats. Actually changed...
  12. clieman

    Roof Rack for Disco II

    Well those aren't very simmilar to Safety Devices, but check out the ones here: . Much cheaper than SD, looks just like them.
  13. clieman

    Faulty plugs/OBDII code

    If I had one or more fouling plugs, wouldn't the computer send out a code indicating a misfire for a particular cylinder?I have rought idle and now the engine is missing when its in a high gear and under little load. 01 disco2.
  14. clieman

    Rough idle/stumble

    OMT, the air filter is new.
  15. clieman

    Rough idle/stumble

    couldn't really say, I got it used only about 6 months ago. Looks like the previous owner kept it up though. OEM oil filter, service campaign decals (would be curious to know what those were for and if anything else is available), and all fluids were clean (changed ALL fluids when i got it)...
  16. clieman

    Rough idle/stumble

    Hello all, I know this has been mentioned, but I cant find any threads that have the same symptoms as my 01 Disco II. Just a slight, periodic stumble while idling, and every once in a while a significant hesitation/stumble while the truck is in a higher gear but im only giving it a little gas...
  17. clieman

    roof rack help

    Im in SoCal. Im looking for a roof rack.
  18. clieman

    Brake noise at full turn

    Actually I have an 01 DII. Should have mentioned that. So are you saying eventually its just not going to apply any pressure? How is that possible? Vehicles with their ABS totally circumvented stop fine.
  19. clieman

    Brake noise at full turn

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the mumbling-like sound is when I apply my brakes on a full turn? Does it more at full left then at full right, usually while making u-turns (N.America). Doesent seem to effect stopping, but pedal goes down a bit along with the noise. ABS maybe?
  20. clieman

    ABS code reader

    Hello All, Ive got an 01 Disco II. Is there any particular type of code reader I need in order to read ABS codes? Will the ones they have at places like AutoZone work?
  21. clieman

    Need real help before i go crazy (ABS/TC/HD), SES, and Back Seat

    I have an 01 Disco II, with the same dumb problem (3 amigos, thats funny..). Does anyone know if its possible to read the codes without a computer, by jumping wires or somthing. Someone on the forum sent me instructions for doing it with a plug under the front seat, but I dont see anything...
  22. clieman

    Disco 2 coolant flush

    Hello all! Can anyone tell me the best way to go about flushing the cooling system on an 01 disco 2? I cant find the drain plug (I assume there has to be one). Any help would be appreciated. Ive read here that on an older disco you have to remove the bottom hose. Same for newer disco 2's...
  23. clieman

    Reoccuring ABS/TC/DHC problem.

    Joey, which sensor for the ABS, TC, DHA is gonna be effected by dirty fluid? If the reservoir is low its gonna be the red BRAKE light. Im curious since I have the same issue, but the mechanics Ive spoken to say the fluid has nothing to do with the lights.
  24. clieman

    DAP A-frame bar

    Greetings! Anyone have any experience with any products from D.A.P. enterprises ( I’m interested in getting their A-frame bar for my 01 Disco 2. It’s the best priced A-frame bar I’ve found so far (that polyurethane plastic genuine LR bar is $400 from Atlantic...
  25. clieman

    ABS,TC,HDC lights on

    Thanks for the reply. Checked the pads, like 80% percent left (changed the rears anyway since they were sweaking like a mother) so its not that. Im gonna take the info from the link you gave me and attempt to read the codes myself. In older vehicles, Ive jumped the terminals and read codes in...

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