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    2011 LR4 for sale in Central California

    Car is sold.
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    2011 LR4 for sale in Central California

    Bump because my new Range Rover is here and this one is officially for sale now.
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    How to convince my sister to buy an LR4 instead of a Honda Odyssey?

    Honda is a more practical kid hauler.
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    2011 LR4 for sale in Central California

    2011 LR4 for sale in Central California - SOLD SOLD Selling my 2011 LR4 V8 lux in Black/Black, fully loaded with every option (Lux 7 spassenger, rear DVD, vision assist) , 42k miles. Located in Clovis/Fresno , California. I'm a physician and clean car fanatic, it's been driven by my...
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    Intelligent stop/start able to be disabled 2015/2016?

    You're a little confused on your math. Zero miles travelled divided by any number of gallons burned is never a negative number. Say you idle at a traffic light for a year & burn 10,000 gallons of gas. 0 miles traveled divided by 10,000 gallons consumed is zero miles per gallon. I'm finding it...
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    Intelligent stop/start able to be disabled 2015/2016?

    1. it's physically impossible to get negative MPG. Think about it. 2. You're assuming no fuel penalty for the stop-start itself. if you stop-start for just a few seconds, and you frequently will, you actually consume more fuel due to the extra consumed to restart the engine vs idling. 3. The...
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    Intelligent stop/start able to be disabled 2015/2016?

    here's the real truth about stop-start: it does very little to improve mileage in real-world driving and adds a layer of mechanical complexity and is frankly annoying. It does allow manufacturers to score better in the artificial drive test required for European fuel economy ratings. Basically...
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    Battery life on Discovery 4

    my 2011 is on it's 3rd battery, replaced under warranty. They just don't last. My 2013 F150 battery was replaced under warranty at 1 year. My daughters new honda civic ate it's battery in less than 2 yrs.
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    Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

    I have liftmasters and they won't program to homelink in the LR4 without those stupid repeaters. I just use the included remote because I'm lazy.
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    2015 low battery warning

    These things go through batteries like nobodies business. I think we're on our 3rd in our 2011.
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    Initial Impressions - 2015 LR4 HSE LUX

    I've driven without a front plate for 15+ years, probably 10 different cars, with no issues here in California. But yes, technically ticketable. A ticket I'd be willing to pay. Especially with my Tesla which relies heavily on aerodynamics and has front sensors in the nose cone. I've never had a...
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    Initial Impressions - 2015 LR4 HSE LUX

    My first instructions prior to buying a vehicle: do not put a front plate on it. Enjoy the new car.
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    Disabling 2014 ECO Switch

    Keep in mind that stop-start is used to game the European fuel economy's been shown that it makes little to no actual real-world difference to fuel economy, it simply allows manufacturers to score higher MPG on the test and thus display on the window sticker. One of many examples of...
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    New Discovery Sport

    Expect the LR5 to look like a 12/10ths version of this...they will share the same design language. IMO putting a 3rd row in a vehicle this small is comical. It reminds me of the 3rd row in the prev gen X5 but even worse in terms of zero leg room.
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    Future LR Models in US

    very helpful info, thanks.
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    Frustration with '14 availability

    Even better than gap insurance is a big enough down payment that you're never upside down.
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    Frustration with '14 availability

    You don't need it. It's a profit center for dealers. And if you can afford a lr4 your neighborhood is safe and you're parking in a garage.
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    life with LR4

    I bought my 2011 3 years/30k miles ago (wife's car). It's been trouble free. Just regular service and a set of tires. Water pump was noted to be leaking and replaced under warranty during a regular service. It goes through brakes and tires (and gas) pretty briskly but attribute that to a heavy...
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    2011 LR4 HSE LUX Mirror Auto Fold ?

    More than likely that warranty is worth more or less the paper it's printed on. Sounds like an aftermarket, or even dealer-backed inclusionary warranty meaning it will list a couple dozen specific things it will cover and everything else is on your dime. Having said that my 2011 which is still...
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    2014 LR4: Biggest POS Ever Owned

    Maybe 2011 was a good year as mine has been flawless for it's first 28k miles.
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    Is buying an LR4 w/ 66k miles madness?

    Search carmax, they always have a dozen or so LR4s and you can buy their very good extended warranty. There's several articles over on Jalopnik about how one of their contributers bought a Range Rover from carmax and their extended warranty has been used extensively with good results.
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    What the heck is that?

    It's probably the bag of cocaine the last owner was smuggling across the border.
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    2015 LR4/Discovery 4

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    2015 LR4/Discovery 4

    My first MkIII Range Rover cost 80k. Check out the prices of MkiVs, if you can even find them. Dealers aren't even ordering models built out less than 100k. There is a LWB autobiography here in Fresno listed at $250k!!! Theoretically you can still order a stripper sub-HSE for reasonable money...
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    2015 LR4/Discovery 4

    Before you get your panties in a knot remember LRs near term strategy....the LR/Discovery is moving upmarket to fill the void left by the now stratospherically expensive Range Rover. The off-road purists will have a new family of off-road oriented vehicles soon, slotted below Discovery.

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