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  1. Chongo

    1996 Disco 1 overheats

    1996 Disco 1 overheats Help Help need some ideas on why my rover is over heating? New heads. All new gaskets. Etc............. The only thing I can think of is aftermarket thermostat or needs new radiator cap? Also checked waterpump. Runs really good for me and then the hose gets
  2. Chongo

    discovery 97 and OBDII

    Obd2 discovery 97 and OBDII Has anyone hooked up an OBDII scanner or linked a laptop via a connector to a Discovery 1997? I have spent quite a bit of time looking at OBDII information and believe it could tell me which one of my wheel speed sensors are failing (ABS comes on after the...
  3. Chongo

    Best head gasket kit ?

    The Cost Of Cutting Corners THE COST OF CUTTING CORNERS Buick/Olds/Rover 215 cubic-inch (3.5 liters) V-8 motor The Buick/Olds/Rover 215 cubic-inch (3.5 liters) V-8 motor is one of the most fascinating and long-lived engines in automotive history. Originally...
  4. Chongo

    Best head gasket kit ?

    No such thing as a " Better head gasket " Engine The engine in the disco 2 is the old buick 215 v-8, with no roller cam, and no rotators on the exhaust valves like US engines. The dry cylinder...
  5. Chongo

    Fuel injector 101

    Is Bigger better? Calculations here are for W.O.T ( wide open throttle ) and is used for determining the best injector requirements for W.O.T. and engine requirements from idle to W.O.T. and does not have any consideration to quality of...
  6. Chongo

    Fuel injector 101

    Fuel injector 101 Let’s start off with some terminology, and basics. How does a fuel injector work? A fuel injector is nothing more than a high-speed valve for gasoline. An engine computer or controller is used to control the fuel injector. Contrary to popular belief, this is...
  7. Chongo

    Just bought Disco problems

    Just bought Disco problems Hi. I just last week bought a 1996 Disco. I took the car to my local garage to be checked out and they came back that the following items had problems or would need to be replaced: Disel filter Air filter Both front roll bar arms Shock absorber bushes...
  8. Chongo

    door locks 2004 disco

    2 keys door locks 2004 disco 2004 disco I need to know if I can re key the front door lock or the only solution is to replaced and carry two keys Thank you Hi Ysaga: I assume what happened was either the ignition lock or door lock was...
  9. Chongo

    Brake fuse blown

    Brake fuse blown I have a 97 disco V8i. The brake fuse keeps blowing. I have disconnected the brake lights including the the third brake light and it still blows fuses. Is there a relay or solonide that could be shorted? The signals work fine and the fuse only blows when I step on the brake...
  10. Chongo

    sitting on the bump stops

    Sturdy as it gets sitting on the bump stops The old girl sits on the bump stops in cold weather but airs up fine when started.01 d2,116k.Also looking to trade it for an LR3.Is this a good move or just a move to a different set of PITA problems?Thanks for any help. Hi...
  11. Chongo

    unimog axles

    Uni........ ??????? The UNIMOG Principle Unimog stands for “Universal-Motorgerät” which roughly translated means “universal motorized implement machine”. Unimogs are multipurpose, all-terrain, utility vehicles built by Mercedes-Benz. In addition to extreme off-road capabilities, they are...
  12. Chongo

    Guide to replacing/rebuilding drive shafts?

    Drivelines Guide to replacing/rebuilding drive shafts? I've spent a bit of this morning reading all the horror stories about drive shafts failing and taking transmissions, catalytic converters, etc. with them. Such a failure would likely cost me close to what I paid for my 2000 Disco...
  13. Chongo

    2004 Discovery Won't Start

    Won't start 2004 Discovery Won't Start 2004 Discovery G4 will not start. When key is turned to position 1, dash lights come on, then when turned to start, nothing happens and all dash lights go off. Subsequent start attempts yield absolutely dash lights, no solenoid clicking...
  14. Chongo

    A Rover thet doesn't like fuel???

    A Rover thet doesn't like fuel??? Hi Folks, I never heard of this issue before. When fueling my '98 Disco, the fuel fill keeps overflowing as if the tank is full. I allow it to vent and then I can add another half gallon before it starts overflowing again. It doesn't happen all the time...
  15. Chongo

    History of the Buick 215 / Bosch engine

    Wolff & Maddie Re: Buick 215 Much obliged for the history lesson Chongo and its god to see you back on the forum! Wolf Ah yes. Always wondered why a friend of mine in high school had so much engine trouble with the 61 tempest he owned. Thanks again for the great history lesson...
  16. Chongo

    oil leaks up front

    joey zingale I recently replaced the head gaskets, the intake manifold, and timing cover gaskets. I am getting a pretty good oil leak between the intake manifold gasket and the timing cover. this is a 97 discovery I bought used, i dont know if i am missing a part but all that holds down the...
  17. Chongo

    Rear Brake Pad Issue

    Rave manual: To make sure you have all the correct parts in place, I would download this rave manual and see if there is something missing in the rear brake system, I have not had good success with auto zone. Best...
  18. Chongo

    SES Light

    Update truck has 91k on it plugs done last year after the o2 sensors were replaces I am just only throwing 1 code p0130 does that narrow it down car is not loosing coolant or oil I rarely recommend this however, Since you ran on the old O2 sensors...
  19. Chongo

    Rear Brake Pad Issue

    Rear Brake Pad Issue Hi, I always do my own brake pads on my 96' disco. I buy the $30 dollar pads from Autozone without a problem until now. The pads on my rear brakes do not stay in place. They end up angling down and the outboard pads are rubbing on the bottom of the rotor. This is...
  20. Chongo

    SES Light

    L-H bank SES Light SES light came on a few weeks ago, with a little bit of a ruff idle. I scanned the codes and got the following P0171 P0130 P1171 all relate to lean O2 sensor readings I replaced all 4 O2 sensors and light reset the light and it came back on after about 65 miles...
  21. Chongo

    What is the best Rover for the Pan American Highway?

    Chongo, these were excellent thoughts and recommendations with a surprise ending. Yes, it's a long trip and could end up being expensive. Would your recommendations suggest that a Nissan Pathfinder (my other consideration) be the better choice? Chongo, I want to arrive safely and your advice is...
  22. Chongo

    What is the best Rover for the Pan American Highway?

    Long road ahead What is the best Rover for the Pan American Highway? I have decided to drive the Pan American Highway. Prudoe Bay to Tierra del Fuego. I just purchased a 1997 Disco SD. Then I thought I would ask here before I started rebuilding. 1000 miles of dirt road.. in Southern...
  23. Chongo

    coolant leaking out of head gasket

    Coolant coolant leaking out of head gasket Hi guys, when i start up my rover, drove out and saw smoke. So i pop the hood and saw coolant dripping out the of the head gasket on the passenger side onto the exhaust. Thats were the smoke came from. I know i needed both of the heads replace, i...
  24. Chongo

    Rough Idle Help

    I'm up in Pismo Beach for Christmas with the family. Was going over the top of a dune and the front of the vehicle plowed through the top of the hill of sand. Didn't feel like a huge impact but it must have been fairly large as it knocked the trim piece around the fog light free. After that...
  25. Chongo


    Crutchfield radio Does any one know which radio will operate my cd changer, im pretty sure it a clarion but wondering if i bought an aftermarke head unit would i work with my cd changer? __________________ 94 disco 92 audi 100s 1980 Mercedes 300sd gone but not forgotten 1987 4000...

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