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  1. 16FujiDisco

    Long crank, no faults

    Oh man, that’s a major bummer. Any chance you would be willing to take a shot at DIYing it before throwing in the towel? I totally understand not wanting to throw $6-10k at a maybe
  2. 16FujiDisco

    non-decorative-capped lugnut availability?

    I’ve had these for almost a year and haven’t had any issues
  3. 16FujiDisco

    LR4 Transmission Fluid Change: Pan Swap Option

    +1 That’s where I got mine
  4. 16FujiDisco

    Driveline Vibration

    Maybe a wheel out of balance? Could be carrier bearing/ prop shaft bearing, but that usually gets worse as speed increases
  5. 16FujiDisco

    Engine Rattling on Cold Start (Timing chain tensioner?)

    I got mine from the SC eBay guys; $500 with a $200 core charge, so $300 net. I think the ones with the performance pulley already installed are $650. This is who I got all my stuff with, rebuilt snout (genuine LR), solid coupler (Eaton), and oil. There were great to work with
  6. 16FujiDisco

    Engine Rattling on Cold Start (Timing chain tensioner?)

    Snapped a pic of my sc shaft when I did the sc oil/pulley/coupler/snout at 85k mi. Not because of this, but I went the rebuilt snout route with new coupler. You can see all 5 coils of the spring on the old coupler were wearing into the shaft.
  7. 16FujiDisco

    Long crank, no faults

    my first thought is battery related. Not necessarily that it’s bad, just sluggish because of the cold. I’ve experienced that in other vehicles. Once it gets some heat in it, it’s all good.
  8. 16FujiDisco

    Best Brand MAF and MAP Sensors

    I noticed while I just had the supercharger out that my rear MAP sensor was a Volvo part as well
  9. 16FujiDisco

    Hesitation Only When in Reverse After Long Drive??

    Wasn’t there someone else recently who solved their reverse idle issue with a new pcv valve?
  10. 16FujiDisco

    LR4 5.0L V8 MAP Sensor Replacement DIY

    The MAP sensor on the back for the scv6 engines is the connector that’s a pita to remove. I don’t believe it’s the same as the one by the throttle body. Look at the thread about crossover pipe removal and you’ll see a location and pictures
  11. 16FujiDisco

    Emergency key (blade key) not unlocking LR4

    It is. I had to use mine to lock up while I walked to the parts store with a dead battery. I think it’s most likely a mechanical issue
  12. 16FujiDisco

    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    @hickersb i haven’t noticed anything like that so far and we had a really hot summer here this year. Maybe @Fuji4 could chime in, but I could see that being a symptom of supercharger water pump not being efficient or failing.
  13. 16FujiDisco

    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    So I just completed an upper pulley swap and have a couple of notes for others who my attempt it: - my stock pulley had to have been seized on (85k mi), I tried a supercharger pulley remover, 3 jaw puller, heat, cutting and I could not get it off. I ended up replacing the snout with one from...
  14. 16FujiDisco

    2016 LR4 Coolant Crossover, Water Pump, Thermostat Replacement

    Yea, I let it sit overnight as I was waiting for a new snout, and tipped it over one more time and got a couple more mls out for a total of 80; I put 85ml back in
  15. 16FujiDisco

    Well, that sucks. The show must go on...(long story)

    You said they gave you the head at their cost, I’m guessing that’s $5-600? If so, that seems marginally more expensive than all the work involved in transporting it to somewhere to weld it
  16. 16FujiDisco

    2016 LR4 Coolant Crossover, Water Pump, Thermostat Replacement

    @txfromwi what amount did you end up going with? I got 70ml out of mine (tipped upside down out of the vehicle). Mine looks just like yours at 85k and the smell filled the garage with just the plug out…
  17. 16FujiDisco

    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    My front is single piece. You may have replaced yours pre update, or the dealer didn’t give you the updated p/n (maybe to clear old stock?)
  18. 16FujiDisco

    Side View Mirror replacement not auto dipping

    I may not be 100% correct in my recollection, but when I was looking into this a couple years ago, there are specific mirrors that dip and ones that don’t. I tried activating reverse dip on mine with the gap tool and it didn’t work, which led me to look up mirrors; mine don’t have that feature...
  19. 16FujiDisco

    Supercharger Oil Service interval (2016 SCV6)

    Reviving an old thread as I prepare for winter projects, did we come to a consensus on how many oz. to refill? Also for the coupler - superchargers online seems to only have 5.0 couplers, and eBay seems to have a lot of knockoff looking ones. I did see this one that seems like an update to the...
  20. 16FujiDisco

    LR4 market question

    For reference - Carmax has 5 LR4s currently nationwide, all 2016s, all btw 48k-54k miles; listed for $42k-$46k with the only Lux being 48k mi for $46k. I always keep an eye out just in case something happens to mine and I need a replacement. That said, I would try and get at least $30k for it
  21. 16FujiDisco

    Does your date move to european format in its own?

    My date doesn’t change like that, but my time will randomly change to 24hr format; happened again the other day, happens maybe twice a year
  22. 16FujiDisco

    getting that damn eco/stop start light off on the IP

    Ordered the eBay battery, got here in about 4 days; put it in and light went away
  23. 16FujiDisco

    205,000 miles and about to service transmission question.

    Oh dang, I didn’t realize that. I had read something about swapping them in BMWs and it only being electronic differences. On second thought, I believe that was for swapping an 8hp40/45 to an 8hp70
  24. 16FujiDisco

    New (to me) 2012 LR4 5.0

    I use a giant syringe I got from Amazon that holds almost a qt of fluid, attached to some tubing; works great
  25. 16FujiDisco

    205,000 miles and about to service transmission question.

    I believe it can, but with the electronic controls, you’d prob have to reflash something to get the ECUs to jive

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