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  1. remember5

    Rear Wiper has me baffled...

    Attached is the section on wipers. OMG another extremely complicated system that includes data inputs from the rain sensor/light sensor in the windshield and the CJB for speed/braking data to slow or speed up the wipers and transmission selector input to lock out the rear wiper in reverse under...
  2. remember5

    Early Model Discovery 5 Common Issues?

    Windshield leaks and cracks are a common issue in the D5 and RR's. There is a D5 FB group that you can check out as well but they seem to be mostly located in the UK. I have my eye on a 2019 TD6 but just can't seem to pull the trigger yet.
  3. remember5

    LR3 Dash Lights

    I hate to be "that guy" but you really need to research your problems on this site, the FB LR3 group, Landrover's Only, etc. and then after you have tried 15 different things then post for help. Most of us have had all the same issues and fixed them but it's hard to remember 10 years ago what...
  4. remember5

    Rebuilt my compressor

    I thought I threw away the old compressor but didn't, if I recall correctly the replacement I bought was identical but didn't say Landrover on the end cap.
  5. remember5

    LE3 compressor

    There is a connector that you have to remove the spare tire to get to if I remember over the back axle sort of on the passenger side that is a common failure point. That was one compressor fix I did but don't remember which color light caused that one. Seems there was also a wire on the right...
  6. remember5

    Rebuilt my compressor

    Just a thought also, I posted on another thread that the center gear selector has switches for the suspension and those connectors can get corroded through spilled drinks or open sunroof in rain and also can cause suspension errors. You might pull that assembly out and look for corrosion.
  7. remember5

    Rebuilt my compressor

    It was a hitachi brand but just didn't have LR on it anywhere. I looked in my email and can't find where I ordered it from but I'm 99% sure it was less than $160. And I actually just threw away the old one but am pretty sure I got the numbers off one of the LR parts places and then googled that.
  8. remember5

    Rebuilt my compressor

    I had a Hitachi and ordered an aftermarket but it was Hitachi brand, I can't remember where from but it was the exact match to the one I took out except it didn't have Landrover on it. I had rebuilt the old one once and am pretty sure I paid like $160 for the aftermarket Hitachi. It's been in...
  9. remember5

    LE3 compressor

    There are a ton of articles about this on different forums and those of us who have owned our trucks for any amount of time have dealt with them multiple times. There is a potential for broken and/or corroded wires all over the truck, corroded connectors, etc. Google the fault code you're...
  10. remember5

    hdc faults when car is cold

    Attached is a relevant clip of transmission descriptions from the manual describing yet another overcomplicated LR system. Did you know the transmission receives signals from the steering position sensor to prohibit changes of gears in a curve? Just wow. Anyway I'm pretty sure I had an F on...
  11. remember5


    Not where I would have been looking. LOL...
  12. remember5

    What would you do?

    It's not just an OBDII scanner like you would buy at Walmart. You have to have something that will let you calibrate the air suspension. Most guys on here have the GAP IID sold by Lucky8 and others. I have a Nanocom sold by Nanocom. There are others I have heard of that work and a ton of...
  13. remember5

    What would you do?

    No a GAP tool or a Nanocom to read the codes and calibrate the EAS system. When you change parts you have to re-calibrate the system so the sensors know what height they are sitting on. Humor me, try jacking up the rear end so it's level with the front and start the truck and see what happens...
  14. remember5

    Diagnostic Tool for Discovery 5

    Any update on the diagnostics?
  15. remember5

    Show off your D5

    These are some great pics and are encouraging enough that trading the LR3 is crossing my mind. One question though, many of you have lifts and I see Lucky8 doesn't sell the SYA kit for the D5, is there some inherent suspension change between the LR3 and D5 that eliminates the need for the SYA...
  16. remember5

    How do you disconnect the fuel line from the fuel rail on 4.4L LR3

    Here are the sections of the manual covering the fuel rail. Hope this helps.
  17. remember5

    Loosing power up hill 2005 RR HSE

    Can you tell if this is engine power related or transmission? I other words if you put it in first gear and gas it does it accellerate ok? Maybe a video of the dash so we can see the gauges?
  18. remember5

    Range Rover Cracked Windshield

    To add to that my wife's boss has a cracked windshieled in is RR, I think it's a 2020 and the dealer told him they couldn't get windshields anyway and he has 3400 miles left on the warranty. Nice...
  19. remember5

    Range Rover Cracked Windshield

    I've read that there are a lot of new Defender's with the same issue. It is a shame, and exactly why I bought a Sequoia over a Landrover. My LR3, and for that matter every Landrover I've owned needed constant attention and I didn't want something as a travel vehicle that would need attention...
  20. remember5

    Discovery 5 - Great Vehicle!

    I know AR077 is a diesel but what about the rest of you? And how is your mileage and experience with DEF?
  21. remember5

    Land rover LR3 Reservoir valve code air suspension disaster.. PLEASE HELP

    You might try recalibrating the suspension. Attached are the files relating to the suspension which BTW is an extremely complicated system.
  22. remember5

    Mysterious Hose to Nowhere

    The vent is as high as possible but terminates in a filter cap made of a gore tex material that keeps water out and oil in while slowly breathing to equalize pressure in the diff. There is a pretty good description by BByer on the Landroverforums website.
  23. remember5

    Cranks but wont start

    That fact that it started and drove after the incident I guessed negated fuel cut off after an accident or roll over, whatever that is called. Here are some parts of the manual related to the injectors. Guessing you have the 4.4. If not let me know and I'll send the others.
  24. remember5

    Cranks but wont start

    I threw a lot of effort and time into trying to diagnose a similar condition and it turned out to be the fuel pump relay. I know you said you had pressure at the rail but it's pretty easy to swap the relay with another one just to see if it makes a difference or not.
  25. remember5

    Used 2015 RR Sport HSE Purchase

    Well since no one replied and it's a month later, what did you end up doing? I'm looking at a '16 RR at a local dealer and curious which way you went. I have replaced just about everything imaginable on my LR3 except the engine and transmission and am trying to decide if I want to start all...

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