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    RR Sport - Suspension Fault Normal Height Only

    Yes, the initial diagnostic pinpointed the issue and they also include this in as part of the labor. I took the car out for a far drive and it seems to run well with no suspension light. This weekend will be testing it with the boat to see if anything else comes up.
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    RR Sport - Suspension Fault Normal Height Only

    I just got my truck back and I'll share you want they exactly did. I don't know how to post pictures yet but here it is. Parts: $178.69 Labor: 219.42 Total Line A: $398.11 63154 yellow suspension lamp 020202 609002 605038 605011 used sdd to find fault c1130 fault for air suspension...
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    RR Sport - Suspension Fault Normal Height Only

    For the car raising up and down when you shut it off is pretty standard. I had my truck like pretty brand new, and it does that all the time. Its just re-adjusting back to its reference plane due to your weight. Limp mode is when your engine reduce performance and not allowing you to get on the...
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    RR Sport - Suspension Fault Normal Height Only

    I have a 07 RRS SC with 63K miles and it is at the shop right now for Suspension fault and Limp mode not once but twice. Last year it came on and off for about half a year but when it comes on, I just simply turn the engine off and it goes away. Finally when it went into limp mode, that's when I...
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    RR SC went in Limp mode towing my boat

    Hello, I just wanted to see if anyone had issues or vehicle fatigue for towing 21+ size ski boat. I live in a 500 ft elevation and I have been towing my boat out for the past 2 years ,(every weekend in the summer). The distance from my house of 500 ft elevation to flat level is about 1.5-2...

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