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  1. Ruper

    Storage Mod

    So as the screw jack is basically not usable for jacking up a slightly raised LR, I removed the Styrofoam tool organizer and placed some Kaizen foam in place of it. Stored the new hydraulic jack in the small rear cubby hole at the rear quarter panel and placed two layers of 30mm foam in it. I...
  2. Ruper

    2006 LR3 aftermarket radio

    Thx I think I will try to squeeze one in within the bounds of the cubby on top. Someone on another forum sells the fascia to replace the D3. I want to say that it is a custom mount using a D4 fascia. I know an iPad mini fits just right, so I will need to find something with that footprint as I...
  3. Ruper

    Air suspension shock replacement

    The Center valve is between the compressor cover and the reservoir. Just follow the air lines, its attached to the inside of the frame just forward of the compressor.
  4. Ruper

    2006 LR3 aftermarket radio

    I am thinking about adding a tablet to the SE when the little storage place is on the top of the dash, but I'd hate to loose that storage spot. Illegibly you can plug in to the aux plug for sound. A nexus 7 has been used but I can't figure out if the GPS is on board the nexus 7 or I would have...
  5. Ruper

    2006 LR3 air conditioning not cooling

    Thought mine was screwed then realized I had turned off the re circulation switch in the vehicle. LOL all the buttons and whistles have to be in the correct position to work I guess, lol also the ECON button means turn the AC off, LOL. One thing the land rover is not is ECONOMY anything.
  6. Ruper

    various enhancement

    Is the compressor for the suspension or for airing up tires, etc.?
  7. Ruper

    Air suspension shock replacement

    The center valve is the easiest to rebuild. Stay with Arnott or OEM shocks, "Buy once cray once". I would get the valve kit o rings and do all the valves, front and center anyway the rear can be a pain due to no room, but I did mine with minimum cursing. I had a front right leaking shock that...
  8. Ruper

    To buy or not to buy...

    I feel pretty good with my 2005 LR3 with 115K price was $5,500, makes that $K I spent on shocks feel better.
  9. Ruper

    Air suspension shock replacement

    Didn't read all of the threads but if suspecting a mechanical failure of a shock or shocks, Use the suspension height to go back and forth from access to off road a couple cycles, Then leave truck at rest at Normal height and pull #3 fuse, a 5 amp fuse in the engine bay fuse box. This fuse...
  10. Ruper

    Speaker wire info

    @remember5 Like the stereo replacement, one day when $$ is right I want to do this. Right now using the little 2 x 3 " sat radio via aux, which limits Metalica to only 80 decibels. Nav screen would be great as well, tired of the phone falling off the windsheild holder when I go romping.
  11. Ruper

    2006 LR3 aftermarket radio

    @bonz, on the BT transmitter, There is a company in Florida that makes a BT unit that goes in the panel at the rear of the console. Think it was $160. It also has a aux port built in and is an exact replacement for that panel. the unit uses the factory plug at that panel to power the BT and mine...
  12. Ruper

    Cheapest mod yet

    COVID Protected for .99 cents.
  13. Ruper

    Air suspension shock replacement

    Just finished replacing my struts. at $239/air bag and only another $50 or so I would get the struts and did. Only pain in the arse was putting the airlines back on in the limited space.
  14. Ruper

    Air suspension shock replacement

    Check, Arnotts are carried by them and I think they were cheaper than $450.00 for rears if you go that route.
  15. Ruper

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    Getting ready to do a B44 fuel system additive clean on my truck and was wondering, cause I've heard you might want to change the fuel filter after that. Not sure why this would be needed on this in tank filter type, which from the workshop manual sounds like just a little more than a screen...
  16. Ruper

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    IS this the same on a 2005 LR# 4.4 V8? I thought the fuel pump on the tank was accessable via the passenger side back seat area? Maybe I was dreaming.
  17. Ruper

    LR3 from stock to Overlandish?

    Actually got it sorted out. I had ran wires down the A pillar outside to power the LED light bar. That was fine when the end cap on my roof rails passenger side was in tact and had it sealed. I had cut the "gutter" roof cover piece of trim back to allow the wires to go up into the roof rack...
  18. Ruper

    Alarm problems

    Cisco, you may want to post up what you did to fix this issue as others may look in from time to time. I don't have the problem, but would be nice to have a fix if it came up.
  19. Ruper

    Replacement/Spare Key

    Well I read somewhere about the company Keys in Post. Very good experience here, as I had a cheap replacement key and fob given with my truck, purchased used. I had no key number. So I took a photo of the key from the top looking down and in a couple weeks I had a key. I went to program the key...
  20. Ruper

    Sunroof leaks

    It seems I had a small leak still remaining on the Passenger side, that was masked by massive amounts of water from AC drains. When I ran my wires up the A-pillar and thru the gutters I had to trim back the black cover for the roof gutters. That was fine until my roof rack end capo on that side...
  21. Ruper

    2007 LR3 control arms replacement vs bushing replacement

    Couple things to think about on this. My vote would be whole arms. Poly or OEM? up to you as mentioned earlier for that decision. Do you have a press? If not Poly is the way to go if you go the bush only route. IF you have a legit press then either will be able to be done. If you have a lot of...
  22. Ruper

    LR3 Discovery III Wiring Bundels

    Check on this website. Not sure about wire bundles but they have the terminal plugs in all makes and models. I found injector harness, and the MAF sensor plug on here.
  23. Ruper

    LR3 from stock to Overlandish?

    I assume you sold the Terra-firma sliders when you upgraded or are reusing them elsewhere? But if you have them and want to sell let me know.
  24. Ruper

    LR3 from stock to Overlandish?

    UPDATE? Hey what did you do on the Headliner? Did you get it redone? If so what did it run you? I am believe it or not still chasing a leak on the passenger side. I have some oily type fluid on the pass side now. Tastes acidic or metallic, like touching your tongue on a battery, doesn't seem to...
  25. Ruper

    Fault Code U0167-00 (2A) Lost Comms with Vehicle Immobilizer

    Let us know if the problem is cured? Did the Hard reset do the trick?

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