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    Running BFG 275 65 18's

    Anyone here running BFG KO2's in 275/65 18 know if I need to cut gram horns to make em fit? I'm currently running Goodyear wranglers in 265 65 18's; the KO2's only seem to be a 1/4 wider
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    LR4 5.0L overheating at idle

    This! I had the exact symptoms, turned out to be a thermostat stuck in closed. Pulled over, gave it a few whacks and it released. Could also be a bad fan clutch and it's not engaging when it should be, would warrant a rad fan assembly replacement. Personally I would replace both for peace of...
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    LR4 won't move

    Did you see any codes/engine lights on the dash as you heard the clunk? I had a similar issue once when I went over a big bump and the battery terminal cable must've loosened when this happened, it threw a bunch of codes including the transmission, and the shifting got super weird as you...
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    Every Fault Known To Man

    Plus one on this - I've had the exact same issue with a loose battery terminal cable and the dash lit up like an Xmas tree. Also, had a bad battery and had similar symptoms with random unrelated lights on the dash.
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    Oil in Intake Manifold - Smoke on Startup

    Any specific color or smells to the smoke? Might give you a better indication of what to tackle based on the color and or smell. As someone had noted, condensation burn off on initial startup is normal on mine as well but clears up after a couple of minutes
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    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    1 year update since rebuild It's been just about a year and 12k miles since rebuild. Engine is as strong as ever and at this point feel fully confident that the fix was permanent, well as permanent as a LR can be! I've had a few bugs as noted through other posts in the past. Most recently...
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    When is it time to say goodbye?

    I bought a 2010 LR4 a couple of years ago with 106k miles on the clock, got it for barely nothing as it had overheating engine issues and the dealer told the previous owner that it needed an engine replacement at a cost of $20k! Took on the project as I've seen these repaired and with the low...
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    Roof rack and cross bars

    Do you have a link?
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    Roof rack and cross bars

    Junk yard!! Lol seriously, I found a couple of genuine LR sets at my local LKQ you-pull junk yard. I got the rails and crossbars for under $100 with locking keys. Keep in mind that LR3 rails are the same, those are the ones I pick up from the yard but could be useful to search locally on...
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    V8 Whining Noise

    The viscous fan can also be responsible for ticking sounds... this issue may be one in the same
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    V8 Whining Noise

    A little bit of ticking is normal but if it's noticeably louder than it is likely timing chains/tensioners/guides, have those ever been addressed? There was a design issue that caused the steel tensioners to wear through the guides causing excess wear and play in the timing chains. A cheater way...
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    Cars and Bids LR4 Purchase & More

    I have these exact symptoms - didn't even realize there was a TSB for it. Thanks for posting this
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    Steal of a Deal LR4 - Part Deux

    Thanks for the tip! I haven't had time to do much on this truck yet but this is probably the best option overall.
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    Diy timing chain

    I was thinking maybe the high pressure fuel pump, but it's been around for as long as you owned it so it's probably not a concern. Do you have a GAP IID tool? I've read that you can check for timing chain slack with it. My 2010 blew timing around 106k (bought it broken), the timing chain...
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    Diy timing chain

    Timing chain tensioners sound fine, there's a weird whine though that I'm unfamiliar with that is absent in my 2010.
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    Air suspension faults when cold out

    A stuck valve makes sense! Happened again this morning and once again went away again in the afternoon once it warmed up. A little bit of back story - I've gotten in the habit of lowering the truck every night as I've been parking it outside in front of the garage to give me some sense of...
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    Air suspension faults when cold out

    I was thinking about moisture being in the system causing issues, any solutions to that?
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    Air suspension faults when cold out

    Has anyone run into issues with air suspension faults when it's below freezing? I have now seen the issue a couple of times, first time it was a couple of weeks ago when it was 20 below, I didn't think much about it as the issue and codes cleared up once it warmed up outside. It happened again...
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    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    I would also air on the side of caution if you don't know whether or not these were replaced recently. Especially if you can do the work yourself, a few hundred bucks is well worth the piece of mind if you ask me.
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    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    I replaced both of mine with parts purchased from the dealer - the front was the two piece heat welded together, the rear one is one solid piece - I don't think these were redesigned
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    2011 LR4 gearbox/transmission

    What symptoms were you guys seeing before your gearboxes failed? Curious to see what I should be looking out for.
  22. L gone?

    Hah I remember you mentioning that they wouldnt sell to you locally for some BS reason, would make sense that maybe they didn't want to be known locally for selling LR parts at a deep discount if they were getting them at cost (or whatever LR employees get them for) and re-selling them through...
  23. L gone?

    I've compared Paramus prices to Merriam a while back and they were a bit more expensive but still reasonable compared to the local stealership
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    Camshaft Profile Switching Solenoid 5.0L V8

    In case anyone is looking for this part number, it's LR012112 - mine are working fine but are leaking oil according to the dealer, they suggested replacing both units, estimated at $1006 for parts and labor. Seems excessive when you can just replace the seals, anyone have a part number or a...
  25. L gone?

    Bummer! These guys were my go to for parts

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