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  1. Rover Range

    Question on Adaptive Cruise Control Forward Alert

    Basically the same. I believe the L405 adds automatic braking.
  2. Rover Range

    Air Suspension Performance

    Programming is only required when you switch from Hitachi to AMK.
  3. Rover Range

    2016 LR4 Camera system not working at all!!

    With the ignition on, engine OFF, vehicle in reverse. Do the same in drive, to check the front sensors. You will hear a faint clicking noise from each sensor.
  4. Rover Range

    2016 LR4 Camera system not working at all!!

    Does the park aid switch flash on and off? A bad park aid sensor can cause the cameras not to work.
  5. Rover Range

    Brake bleed question

    The reservoir is sectioned off. If there's a leak, you won't loose all the brake fluid. The port is for manual transmission model hydrualic clutches.
  6. Rover Range

    LR3 Sunroof Stuck Closed

    I say, leave it alone. Something may break, in the open position.
  7. Rover Range

    Terrafirma Swingaway Tire Carrier Issue - Loose Wheel

    These will work too...
  8. Rover Range

    Crossover pipe work

    There are NO special tools required to remove the S/C. Just these common tools: Torx T40, T30. !0mm and 7mm sockets. Belt tensioner tool.
  9. Rover Range

    AC condenser, leaking into the passenger footwell

    Perfectly normal.
  10. Rover Range

    Crossover pipe work

    It's is possible. Just have to fight it.
  11. Rover Range

    LR4 is getting hot inside with breathable car cover on

    Make sure the AC is not set on "recirc" when you shut the car off. You can also place pool noodles on the roof, before putting the cover on. This creates an air space to reduce the temps in the car.
  12. Rover Range

    Crossover pipe work

    I never pull the supercharger to do the front crossover pipes. Some 2018 Rovers you do, due to a different front crossover pipe setup.
  13. Rover Range

    Gas Flange Recall and fixing code p2402

    The DMTL pump is located above the spare tire area, in the charcoal cannister. The charcoal cannister is mounted between the body and frame. It is a pain to get to. But not 5hrs worth of pain.
  14. Rover Range

    LR4 Trailer Hitch Receiver Needed!

    There's this option's this option.
  15. Rover Range

    Rear air conditioning lines leaking - quick fix

    Quick Steel putty will probably work better. You can form it completely around the pipe.
  16. Rover Range

    Rear air conditioning lines leaking - quick fix

    Is it the rubber hose or aluminum? Rubber hose, you can cut a section out and splice in a metal tube.
  17. Rover Range

    LR4 to Defender direct comparison questions

    There is now a third row seat delete option on the Defender 130.
  18. Rover Range

    2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 - Suspension Fault

    Best to have it diagnosed properly. The relay is in the right rear cargo area. Next to the battery. Mini Relay 11A.
  19. Rover Range

    2016 LR4 Camera system not working at all!!

    You may have a camera "pulling " down system. Try connecting one camera at a time- start vehicle- and see if you can isolate the bad one.
  20. Rover Range

    Coolant Temp Questions

    Yes. The V6 is a V8 block with V6 heads. All the coolant paraphernalia is basically the same.
  21. Rover Range

    Coolant Temp Questions

    Just to expand on what has been mentioned. Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor 1 is mounted in the rear crossover pipes. Sensor 2 is in the lower hose at the thermostat. The thermostat has a heater that allows the PCM to control the opening function. The electric thermostat has 4...
  22. Rover Range

    Backup Camera stopped working with no explanation

    The equalizers won't work on your vehicle.
  23. Rover Range

    Passenger valve cover leak. Where?

    The upper timing chain cover could be leaking.
  24. Rover Range

    Engine code P0089 "fuel pressure regulator performance"
  25. Rover Range

    LR4 5.0L overheating at idle

    You have to remember, a temp sensor doesn't read "air". Only coolant.

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